Mini Royale Gears up For Solana NFT Sale on Magic Eden Marketplace

NFT drop anticipation is heating up as more users enjoy the easy access gaming experience.

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After hosting Alex Paley, the CoFounder of Faraway, the team behind Mini Royale, on a stream via our very own DeFi Direct, we now bring you news of the imminent NFT sale as excitement builds.

The first NFT sale is set to go live on Magic Eden on December 6th and will feature 2500 heroes, as confirmed by the team on Twitter and illustrated below. The mint price will be set at 0.69 SOL, which in the current market may well suit investors.

You are of course already able to navigate the gaming experience here in what is one of the easiest games to get to grips with in crypto and the first live multiplayer game on Solana. This experience will give you an inkling of exactly what your NFTs will be used for. 

Something important to consider is how the NFTs will differ and if there is anything specific worth looking out for when deciphering value.

The characters themselves are distinguished by personalized elements within the NFT which make them singular, and each particular in their own way. The team’s whitepaper sets out precisely what these differences entail in the three different ‘Parameters that have been underlined:

  • Cosmetic Parameters

These refer to characters and outfits that will be subject to RNG:

Haircut, Hair Color, Skin Color, Eye Color, Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Color, Facial Hair Style, Facial Hair Color, Facial Markings / Tattoos, Top’s Primary Color, Top’s Secondary Color, Top’s Custom Texture, Bottom’s Primary Color, Bottom’s Secondary Color, Bottom’s Custom Texture, Accessory Color (if applicable), Accent Colors, Shoes, Gloves, Belts, Capes, Background

  • Character Lore Parameters

This refers to the background (lore parameters) that will be subject to RNG

Nationality, First Name, Last Name, Personality, Zodiac, Positive Quirks, Negative Quirks (Wandering Eye, Gambler, Adrenaline Junkie, Softie), Alignment: Neutral, Good, Evil, Birth Place (e.g. Prison, Headquarters, The Tenderloin, The Beach), Relationship Status (e.g. divorced, confused, playing the field, etc.)

  • Functional parameters 

This refers to costumes that will be subject to RNG.

Elemental Armor Boost: Armor boost type, Armor boost amount, No effect in PvP; but will have an Armor effect in PvE.

Specialty (Assault, Sniper, etc. gives +1% movement speed when gun matches)

Random achievement mission which gives prize (e.g. charms or emotes)

NFT Holder Benefits and Rewards

Reward 1:  250 Season 1 Premium Drop NFTs
Reward 2: Ability to create Mutant characters in the Lab by combining DNA strains from Premium Drop characters from multiple different seasons (e.g. Viking + Cyberpunk + 80s Action Hero). After five generations of breeding, a Mutant can be evolved to its Final Form, which will be a special transmogrified version of that character (e.g. golden/animated skin)

What is Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game to launch on the Solana blockchain. The game is a seamless browser-based first-person shooter that requires no third-party client or installation. There is already a live beta mode available online at that has achieved considerable popularity. Over 2 million players have banded together to compete in action-packed PvP gameplay during their Open Beta. Mini Royale: Nations sees accessibility as a primary driver and has considerable support to help them build out the platform and game ecosystem. 

Where to find more about Faraway and Mini Royale: Nations | | Faraway Twitter | Mini | Mini Royale Twitter | Mini Royale Discord

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