Project Serum Integrates Vybe Network’s Analytics To Its Portal

Users can now get all of Serum’s data and analytics in one place through this new integration by the DEX.

Comprehensive Data & Analytics for Serum

Project Serum has integrated with the Vybe Network’s analytics on Dec. 4 to power Serum’s Analytics Dashboard.

The integration will enable users of the platform to get real-time data insights for total volume locked (TVL), volume, tokens, markets, and trades executed. The need for these analytics arises due to the increasing number of projects integrating with Serum. Vybe Network’s product will be released in several phases with future versions, including features like analytics on Serum buys and burns, as well as data for composing projects.

“This week, we’re delighted to introduce Vybe Network, previously known as Serum Pulse — the premier analytics platform and intuitive dashboard for market and staking data for the Serum and Solana communities. The Vybe Network team shares their big news about the new network solution they’re creating for developers, the shift from Serum Pulse to Vybe Network, and their incredible experiences as founders, devs, and close friends,” mentioned the official Medium blog on Sep. 6 introducing the project.

Source: Serum Medium

“Our initial idea was to build out a fully-fledged analytics website for all the major protocols on Solana, similar to Dune or Nansen on Ethereum. However, when we started talking to dev teams early on, we learned that a major pain point teams had was extracting, storing, and manipulating data from the blockchain. We realized we could leverage what we learned from building Serum Pulse to create infrastructure and tooling for these teams, who in turn can spin up their own analytics and gain valuable insights about their product,” mentioned a representative of the Vybe Network in an interview with Project Serum.

Source: Vybe Network Ecosystem

The Vybe Network’s product is a response to the need for reliable Application Programming Interface (APIs) and analytics with Serum’s rapidly expanding ecosystem. The dashboard showcased data indexed on markets from the Serum DEX with a user-friendly interface.

What is Vybe Network?

Vybe Network, previously known as Serum Pulse, is a premier analytics platform and an intuitive dashboard for staking and markets data from within the Serum and Solana ecosystem. Essentially, it is a data infrastructure solution that enables the Solana community to query, index, and share on-chain data to create Web3.0 decentralized applications (dApps) and related analytics.

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