Mean DAO Co-Founder Bursts on Solana News Twitter Spaces

MeanFi has a revolutionary approach to transform simple, accepted workflows and inspire financial change.

Mean Dao Ready to Transform Finance

The Mean DAO happily burst on the Solana News Twitter Spaces on Dec. 6th. Solana News and DeFi Direct Growth Lead, Andrew was joined by Michel Triana, co-founder of MeanFi, who explained, with much gusto, the direction and vision of the DAO. 

Mean DAO is building two projects MeanFi and Mean Protocol. MeanFi, according to Triana, is likely the project most users know. The MeanFi protocol is an attractive tool and resource for diverse groups looking to scale and transform the financial industry. The protocol has a sleek UI and seeks to build the bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance by revolutionizing common workflows.

“We are running with a lot of new workflows for consumers that bring more new improvements and additions to MeanFi.” explained Triana to the over 144 attendees. “Whether it is savings, whether it is index fund investing, borrowing and lending, these are the services we’re bringing to the surface.”


The big innovation from MeanFi is money streaming, the ability for users to receive a constant flow of money for an income or any other reason. Apart from the importance of building a protocol that can benefit consumers and average users, Triana also discussed the growing importance of liquidity aggregation on the protocol as a lynchpin to the protocol’s growth and overall efficacy. 

“We recently announced that we’re going to be bringing Jupiter as our primary engine for liquidity aggregation,” Triana confirmed. “The Jupiter aggregator is truly fantastic with phenomenal engineers. They’re putting all like a lot more effort than we were putting on aggregator, so it only makes sense to partner up.” 

Triana confirmed that the name MeanFi comes from the bombastic approach the DAO is taking toward DeFi. The group is truly arriving at the scene with a mission to change the status quo. More often than not, the big change comes from being aggressive, and maybe a little mean. 

That isn’t to say MeanFi isn’t a fun-loving group. With, the goals of transforming finance for the benefit of employees, not employers, and smaller investors, the group has a vision favorable to support. 

What is Mean DAO

Mean DAO governs the development of MeanFi on the financial backbone on web3 and DeFi technologies, with a non-custodial, permissionless, and trustless banking application, where anyone can build their own money legos as they need to deposit, store, exchange, invest, transfer, and withdraw their money with the ease of traditional finance.MeanFi is a self-custody, permissionless and trustless web3 banking application powered by the Mean Protocol, and facilitates everyday banking and retail investment banking workflows to people and businesses around the world.

Where to find Mean DAO

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