Light Protocol Teases Mainnet Launch

Light is building the DeFi privacy infrastructure to power most mainstream use cases and protect sensitive user data.

Hide Your Crypto Transactions in 15 Seconds

Light Protocol will release the mainnet on April 15, bringing scalable privacy to Solana. 

The protocol confirmed the launch date on April 8 via Twitter. Light Shield is the first product and provides a privacy shield that protects sensitive data in Web3: users will be able to fund burner wallets privately for around $1.

“Light Cash [now rebranded to Light Shield] is this thin user interface on top of the protocol that allows you to fund wallets anonymously. If I had to pick an analogy, it´s like prepaid cards for crypto,” shared Swen Schäferjohann, one of the Co-Founders of Light Protocol, during a Web3Wire interview in February at mtnDAO. 

Source: Shield SOL and unshield privately into burner wallets.

Light Protocol has been externally audited by cryptographic specialists and security researchers, and the report will be shared at launch. The team also recently open-sourced the codebase so that more developers could look at the code to find vulnerabilities and provide feedback.

Additionally, the protocol is also releasing the SDK closed alpha in early May, turning zero-knowledge cryptography into simple APIs. This will allow Solana developers to protect their users´ privacy in different dApps using Light´s core protocol.

What is Light Protocol?

The Light Protocol program was built to enable anonymous transactions on Solana. Light protects sensitive user data at scale so that crypto can go mainstream. The protocol allows users to deposit SOL to the Light Cash pools and withdraw privately with a new address. The Light SDK enables devs to easily add private transactions to their Solana-based dApps. 

Where to find Light Protocol:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord

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