Koalanas – Leveraging the Power of Crypto for a Good Cause

With a focus on rescuing koalas from the raging wildfires in Australia, Koalanas has a truly noble cause to back their NFT collection.

Introducing Koalanas 

Koalanas is a Solana-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project. The project consists of 6,969 unique NFTs that will help to rescue endangered wild koalas from wildfires in Australia. The project will be contributing to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (PMKH) in a unique manner that defines their project as a primarily charitable one.

The Koalanas team wants to focus on making an actual real-world difference rather than being a simple ‘cash-grab’ project. Koalanas is a project with a real plan to make a difference.

“We believe the key points of our project is the time we took to build it, especially our privileged relationship with our charity, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. As you can imagine, it’s tough to be endorsed as a crypto anon project by a big charitable organization like them.”
The Koalanas team shared. “It has been a long and tedious work, lots of overseas phone calls too! We are proud to be the very first NFT project in history to include their charity wallet in the creator’s address of the collection, so that they earn 10% of the royalties instantly on every trade, on top of the 10% donation we will give from the proceeds of our Public Sale.”

Sheila, one of their most respected volunteers, posing with Koalanas T-shirt and “Grafton Freddy”, a rescued wild koala at PMKH

The Collection and the Sale

The collection is made up of 6,969 koala-themed NFTs, each with their own unique design based on a series of attributes. Those attributes include Clothing, Hair, and Head & Ears.
Each NFT can be minted for 0.69 SOL, with the official launch date being November 13th at 05:00 PM UTC. The sale will be completely blockchain transparent on Candy Machine. There are 4 different rarity levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Early adopters, or “OGs” and “passport stamps” from their Discord will have minting access 30 minutes before the sale starts. Users can mint as many NFTs as they want until all 6,969 Koalas have been minted.

If you want to get an early access role, it’s not too late: jump in the Discord and ask for it.

Koalana Mint Rewards System (KMRS)

The Koalana Mint Rewards System (KMRS) seeks to incentivize the minting stage of Koalanas. There will be up to $30,000 USD worth of prizes and special NFTs from the most “hyped” collections on Solana. You can get a chance to win if you mint one of the 9 rarest attributes with Magic Powers, or end up with a specific mint ID (#420, #1000, #1337, etc.).
The lucky minter of their ID number #6969 NFT will get a unique custom Koalana.

Check out the Koalanas Medium post to learn more about KMRS!

What Sets Koalana Apart

Koalana seeks to democratize their project as much as possible, so that their community has the ability to influence decision-making. Koalanas is among the first projects to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through Squads (sqds.io). They were also early adopters with Grape Protocol which is used to get closer with their community. 
One of the Koalana team members is a Thai artist who crafts beautiful custom NFTs for celebrities, influencers.

JackShiUD, CEO ​​of Unlock Defi & Ambassador of Koalanas
Building Neonexus World, a futuristic cyberpunk city with real estate ownership in the metaverse.
All residential holders of Neonexus have been airdropped this 1/1 Koalana NFT on 11/11/21.

Koalana Governance

As part of their decentralized nature, Koalana gives voting powers to their community. Votes will be initiated by the KGMI Council (their core team) or any user with enough voting power.

The Koalana NFT Holders Organization or KHO will be composed by :

– Users who hold the upcoming Koalana NFTs : will be given 60% of voting power.
– OG Albinos representing their early adopters and holders from the airdrop are being given 20% voting power.

– The KGMI Council will receive the remaining 20% of voting power as they have experience in guiding crypto projects successfully.

Their DAO will soon be entirely decentralized and managed by the latest open source technology on the blockchain for that purpose: Squads.io.

Every important decision about the project should be taken inside the governance. One of the first vote to do will be about the management of the treasury / community fund (10% of initial mint + 10% of royalties)

Charity First and Foremost

The team has a larger vision in mind for charity. As stated by the team, a lot of time and effort has gone into this collection particularly its theme of charity. The team has worked to establish their relationship with Port Macquarie Koala Hospital as a primary focus of the project. The team is the first Solana NFT project to include the charity wallet into the creators’ collection address. With both 10% royalties and 10% of the sale proceeds being donated to the charity, a substantial amount of the project profits are directly going to a noble cause.

The team has also adopted Anwen as their mascot, a female koala rescued during the bush fires at Lake Innes, Australia. She was released back to the same tree from where she was rescued after 5 months recuperating at PMKH. Although the trunk is still burnt, there’s plenty of new foliage for her to eat, and when released – she looked back at Cheyne Flanagan, the Clinical Director who treated her, almost as if to say goodbye and thanks!

Koalanas’ mascot, Anwen, a female koala – from rescue to release.

Concluding Thoughts

Koalanas is a project that focuses on improving the welfare of koalas while offering fun ways to earn. Their built-in donation mechanism ensures that their project is actually following through on their charitable commitments. Through their use of DAOs to power project governance, the project gives their growing community a chance to shape the future of the project.

For people who think koalas deserve protection against the many dangers of the world, and want to be part of a promising community, then The Koalanas is the perfect project to support.

On top of that, you could end up receiving some cool merch for free (mugs and T-shirts) by minting or being active in the community.

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Source : solana.news

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