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Solana_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Courtney Liang: I’m great today!

Solana_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Courtney Liang: Sure.

Q1: Let’s start off with an introduction of your team. What is Circlepod all about?

Courtney Liang: Circlepod is a global application that allows Podcasters and audiences to interact and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate both the changes and development of the global digital content creation, so that every piece of created content can get its value. Create more interactivity and entertainment, connect fans and value through blockchain technology, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.

Our team comes from a group of believers who are passionate about technology and design. We have a lot of experience in helping customers. We have designed systems with tens of millions of traffic, and we have also developed new applications that need to war against time. We are very sure to assist customers in building even internal applications or newly upgraded applications. The content includes interface experience design, front-end and back-end system architecture design, blockchain system, or DevOps process and other modern applications often use technology.

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

Courtney Liang: In the past few years, our team has always been a project team, and has assisted other startup teams in designing and developing products. For example, we help the largest blockchain education provider in Taiwan to help them build a record of their learning history through the blockchain and apply it to future school and job applications. At present, it has been implemented in cooperation with hundreds of educational institutions in Taiwan and widely used in daily life.

Q3: Can you explain to those finding out about you for the first time what your project is about? So why the name Circlepodand story behind?

Courtney Liang: The word Circlepod comes from Circle + pod. We imagine that every creation is an unsprouted pod, and Circlepod symbolizes our community and support system, giving this Pod nutrients and containers to support his growth. Or, you can also say that he reads smoothly

In June 2021, our project started.

In August 2021, we hosted an official Beta application, with more than 10,000 people participating, and we ushered in the first community growth. We are ecstatic, and more agree with the application and direction we want to do.

In October 2021, we opened the task of collecting tickets. More than 50,000 people participated in the use of our App. The experience of high-traffic design also confirmed our strength this time. Among them, it also won the fourth place of SOLANA IGNITION HACKATHON@Asia.

So far, we have the following product lines:

Circlepod Protocol: Starting from Podcast, creating a top-level media protocol

Circlepod Universe: Original content universe, independent IP and image surround the entire ecosystem

Circlepod NFTs: Original NFTs, NFTs can participate in many application functions, and allow circulation and transactions.

Circlepod Wallet: In order to break the blockchain, we will design wallets and tools that are more consistent with user experience and intuition to integrate the Circlepod ecosystem.

Q4: Can you walk us through the uniqueness of Circlepod?

Courtney Liang:  We want to integrate blockchain into more fields. We have always believed that traditional industries + blockchain can become new industries and new species. Just like traditional financial industry + blockchain = decentralized finance, we imagine this industry that has existed since the beginning of 2000. Podcast is derived from iPod and Broadcast. Now the emergence and maturity of blockchain gives us the opportunity to Podcast industry is combined with blockchain technology. We expect this combination to bring revolutionary changes.

Our competitors are mainly centralized or decentralized streaming media platforms such as Audius and Spotify. The biggest difference is that we have added Metaverse and other play elements to the media agreement to build a highly immersive experience. For Example, Circlepod has its own IP characters and stories, such as Lanny, Teddy and Massee that have been released. Each character will have its own background and basic attributes, and these characters also have their own life stories.

Q5: Please tell us about the $CPX token! What are the token use cases, distribution, and how to buy/get it?  

Courtney Liang: Here is the details about tokenomics:

CPX token that powers the Circlepod Protocol ecosystem. There are some examples below:

– Support Your Favorite Podcast and Earn Rewards

– Making new governance proposal

– Stake on Governance and Earn CPX Rewards

– Pay for the minting cost of Protocol Copyright

– Pay for the cost of Metadata queries

– Subscribe to Circlepod App Premium

– Interaction and governance combined with original content in metaverse

We are planning to list the tokens on many exchanges. Including global well-known exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and localized exchanges. Everyone who is interested in Circlepod can easily use our tokens.

At the same time, we have plans to earn profits in the future to repurchase CPX and burn them at the same time. At present, this plan is still under planning and has not yet been determined.

We have another topic is Circlepod Universe. When people listen podcasts about finance, they’ll get some attributes about business. More details & example here:

By the way, we will hold IDO on Nov 12, 2021

Q6: Let’s talk about partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.

Courtney Liang: We are currently cooperating with metaplex to launch NFTs. Promote with several communities including Lando Community, IM_COMMUNITY, Crypto City, Decentralized Club. At the same time, we also have technical cooperation with Serum, and In the future, it may be listed on more exchanges, FTX, etc. We are currently in the process of applying it.

Q7: Can you share your Roadmap in the next 3 months?

Courtney Liang: In the rest of the year, we need to solidly expand the team, including development, design, marketing and planning in the rest of this year.

Here is roadmap:

Q8: Where can we find out more about Circlepod on social media?

Courtney Liang:





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Solana_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with Circlepod.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Courtney Liang: Thanks for seeing here. We’ll have IDO soon! If you are interested in Circlepod, Join these social links and discuss with us!

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Solana_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Circlepod.

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