DeGods Launch $DUST Offering NFT Utility

The team behind DeGods NFT looks at a $DUST distribution that will be done organically.

$DUST From The Gods

Solana based NFT project, DeGods, aims to launch a $DUST token that offers utility usage for the NFT. 

The $DUST token will be organically distributed by burning any Solana NFT, or staking their DeGods. The DeGods official twitter account announced this experimental feature on January 2. 

“We are excited to be announcing the launch of $DUST. With Dust, you will be able to burn any NFT (or stake DeGods) to receive $DUST in return. We will be launching unique social experiment-based NFTs throughout 2022 that can be minted with $DUST.” DeGods tweeted.


$DUST will have an initial allocation of 0, and can only be earned from the burning and staking of Solana NFTs. Burning of DeGods NFTs, what they consider class A, will yield higher $DUST than the burning of any other Solana NFT. The burning of DeGods NFTs will also take into consideration the rarity of that particular DeGod.

Staking to get $DUST, on the other hand, can only be used on DeGods NFTs. There will be halving events when $DUST reaches a certain amount. The multipliers will also adjust whenever a DeGod NFT is listed as well.

The Use of $DUST

$DUST can be used to purchase NFTs that the DeGods team will release in the future. These future projects will require $DUST in order to mint their NFT. Upcoming projects include Dinosaurs vs. Cavemen, Cloudz, SOL Bachelorette, and Rhinoverse, all with their own unique features in place. These projects will also be considered Class A NFTs when the holder decides to burn it for more $DUST. There will also be an initiative to work with other Solana marketplaces to allow $DUST to be used as a currency. Check out their website to learn more about $DUST.

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