Jump Crypto Joins Solana Team to Improve Blockchain Infrastructure

Albert: Jump Crypto will “improve mission-critical systems” in Solana chain.

Addressing Solana’s Outages

Jump Crypto, an arm of American financial heavyweight Jump Trading Group, announced it will help renovate part of Solana’s infrastructure to make the blockchain more stable in the future.

Specifically, Jump Crypto will build a validator application for the Solana blockchain called Firedancer, using the C++ programming language. Jump Trading Group’s Chief Scientific Officer will oversee the project.

“After a close evaluation of potential contributors that could build the kind of technological infrastructure needed to undertake this complex of a project, I believe Jump Crypto is an excellent choice to lead this effort,” said Dan Albert, Executive Director of the Solana Foundation. “Jump has unparalleled experience with over 20 years of scaling networks and building highly performant software systems. Their contributions to the Solana network will improve mission-critical systems, helping the network scale to billions of users.”

Although its transaction speeds have made it a star of the new generation of alternative blockchains, Solana has experienced problems that froze blockchain operations for hours. The agreement with Jump Crypto is intended to breathe new life into Solana, bringing significant technical improvements and helping to make the project more stable and scalable.

“By adding more core contributors like Jump Crypto, the network can maintain its status as the best place to build in Web3 while scaling to billions of users. I’m excited for Jump’s engineers to bring a new perspective to the network and help improve network resiliency and efficiency.” Co-Founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko said on the blog.

Source : web3wire

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