SafeLegends NFTS Soon On Memenft

The time has come, here’s the big news. One of the most amazing achievements is finally unlocked now that we have finalized the majority of work around the preparation of building SafeLegends. And now, it’s time to introduce the NFTS in the game.Let’s dive into the details because we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

SafeLegends And Memenft Are Now Official Partners

We are proud to announce that SafeLegends and Memenft have joined hands in this collaboration that will be a big hit. We didn’t want to introduce the NFTS at a point when there was nothing to present. But now that the SafeLegends brand is becoming a real entity on its own, we guess it’s about time we let you guys know why you should play this game and what it’s worth.
Our beloved partners from the Memenft Marketplace have reserved a spot for us and will allow their users to buy and sell SafeLegends NFTS on all available networks for the SafeLegends NFTS.

What Is SafeLegends?

SafeLegends is a brand new game that is all set to hit the tables.The SafeLegends game allows you to earn while playing games. Play to earn is the motto, go get it, game geeks.
it is an official project of, a leading crypto DeFi platform.

Memenft, Never Heard Of It Before?

Many of you must be wondering by now what exactly is this Memenft? Memenft is a Peoples Marketplace. A web 3 NFT Marketplace that is built and backed up on the proprietary code, Memenft is an internet company met averse in itself that joined the crypto run back in 2021. But look at them now, they’ve made their mark in the crypto world so soon

What Pairs Are Currently Being Offered?

For the early days, we are starting with the following pairs:

  • SafeLegends BSC
  • SafeLegends Polygon
  • SafeLegends Cronos

Our experts have made these listing pairs keeping in mind your best interests. That being said, this is not all. Many new and exciting features are coming your way so stay tuned.

Final Verdict

With the final touches being done, it is only a matter of time before you all will be drooling over the game. With the features being offered, it is safe to say that SafeLegends is no less than a living legend you’re about to encounter so gear up guys. Are you ready to play and earn?

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