gm Groundhogs Officially Listed on OpenSea as a Solana Launch Partner

The recent listing of gm Groundhogs on OpenSea marks a momentous occasion for the community.

gm Groundhogs is Live on OpenSea

gm Groundhogs is officially listed on OpenSea as the NFT marketplace welcomes Solana in Initial beta. 

gm Groundhogs expressed their excitement about the development with a tweet on April 7 where they said they would be looking forward to building the GMG brand on the most popular NFT marketplace. This recent listing of gm Groundhogs on OpenSea marks more of a milestone for the community; just a few days ago, they concluded their first Hogs wars event. The Hog Wars competition lasted about a month, with eight clans battling for $15000 over five events. As of recent updates, Team Psychedelic Fur has emerged victorious in the first edition of Hog Wars.

“We are very excited about the exposure the OpenSea will bring to the Solana NFT economy. OpenSea has a massive reach and will bring new NFT buyers to Solana collections”. Roger Emmer, Creator of gm Groundhogs, shares his excitement with Web3 Wire. “We started our personal NFT collecting journey on OpenSea and look forward to building the GMG brand there.”


At the time of writing, 1993 gm Groundhogs NFTs are listed on OpenSea with a current floor price of 7.69 SOL. 

Notably, Solana NFTs went live in initial beta on OpenSea on April 6, and according to some prominent NFT communities, this is a historic step for Solana. In addition to offering collectibles from Ethereum, the largest NFT marketplace now supports collectibles from Solana, the second-largest NFT ecosystem, along with its sidechains and layer-2 scaling solutions. 

By offering low gas fees and fast transaction speeds, Solana makes NFTs accessible to all, allowing users to take advantage of an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative on the OpenSea platform. 

What is gm Groundhogs?‍

gm Groundhogs(GMG) is a community that features 1993 unique collectibles on the Solana blockchain. Roger Emmer told WEB3 wire that the purpose of GMG is to create a welcoming, friendly, and engaging community in which we can learn about NFTs together. 

In addition, they wanted to provide a lot of value to their community. The team is rewarding holders with a free hoodie to fulfill this promise, including 250 rare hoodies from their partner FEATURE. Recently,  the GMG team has rewarded the community members with a fun competition with lots of prizes. 

The GMG team plans to continue cultivating an inclusive space that rewards their community as GMG and Remi Labs grow.

Where to find gm Groundhogs?

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