OpenSea Welcomes Solana in Initial Beta

By Soumen DattaNFT

As a Beta, OpenSea welcomes feedback and is looking forward to testing, learning, and improving the Solana platform

Solana NFTs in Beta on OpenSea

Solana Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are officially listed on OpenSea, with 165 launch partners giving users an eco-friendly alternative on the platform.

OpenSea announced the development with an article on April 6 and later with a Twitter thread on April 7. According to the announcement, anyone can now buy, sell, and transfer Solana NFTs via OpenSea. Nonetheless, since this is a Beta, OpenSea is open to feedback and looking forward to testing, learning, and improving the Solana experience and adding more creators and communities every day.

“Over the past year, Solana has emerged as one of the fastest-growing NFT ecosystems in the world and is among the most requested chains by the OpenSea community. Rhon Bell from OpenSea expressed about Solana in the OpenSea article. We believe the future of web3 is multi-chain, and we’re excited to welcome Solana to OpenSea – starting today, with our beta!”


OpenSea––however––made it clear on their site that the initial beta launch would have limited collection coverage. A full launch will include a scalable way for expanding coverage through the Metaplex collection standard.  If you wish to prepare, you can adopt the standard now.

OpenSea announced their upcoming integration with Solana back on March 29 with a tweet, as discussed in a previous article by CryptoQuile from Web3Wire. With Solana, gas fees are low, and transaction speeds are fast, making NFTs accessible to everyone. 

OpenSea is the largest and the most liquid NFT marketplace globally, so this is a significant development for the Solana NFT community. As a result, this adds a lot of credibility to Solana since NFTs are a crucial part of this ecosystem. 

“This marks an exciting day for the SMB collection. With OS being the largest and most liquid NFT Marketplace in the world, we could not be more excited to have SMB represented alongside some of the biggest and best collections in the space,” Solana MBS opens up with a tweet

At the time of writing, some of the top trending NFTs in OpenSea based on Solana include Money Kingdom, Stoned Ape Crew, and DeGods.

‍What is OpenSea:

OpenSea describes itself as the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs. The marketplace offers some of the most exclusive collections in the NFT space. Users can buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items through OpenSea.

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