Genopets Uveils Status Updates

Sign-ups to participate in the Private Beta will soon be available for Genopet holders.

Sign Ups Coming Soon

Genopets, the movement based PlayToEarn blockchain project on Solona, lifted the curtains to give its community a sneak peek at their game developments for the past few weeks.

The team behind the MoveToEarn GameFi project took to twitter on January 8 and announced via their official twitter account that they put together a report of what has been happening on the development side of the Genoverse. In the same twitter thread, they also teased the sign ups for their upcoming Private Beta to test out the gameplay of the project.

“Animated #Genopets inside. #MoveToEarn Status Reports include early renderings, prototypes, and  explorations in progress on the journey to building the #Genoverse. See what’s been happening over the last few weeks” Genopets tweeted.


The Private Beta phase 1A of the Genoverse is scheduled for January 20th and the team announced through their status report on a medium post that they will be releasing sign ups soon for those interested to participate. The team disclosed that priority will be given to Genesis Pet Holders, DNA community members, GENE Token Stakers and Select Scholars of Guilds affiliated with Genopets.

Sneak Peek Inside The Genoverse


Highlighting the “Move” in MoveToEarn, the status report revealed a GIF of how Genopets would move in the Genoverse. The update also included a battle movement teaser even if the feature is still in development and will come in the latter phase of the game release. They also announced that players looking to purchase or sell a Genopet can now do so through Fractal as the MoveToEarn game’s NFT is now being traded on the platform. 

Other updates include a wrapped up storyboard and production start on the trailer of the game, a finished animation to bank your steps in the system, and scoping out push notifications to send reminders on how you can maximize your XP. Read the full status update to see the rest of the achievements the Genopets team has done for the Genoverse.

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