FTX Acquire Private Suite as Public Mint Concludes

The protocol’s native $SKILL token became the top held GameFi asset on Binance Smart Chain.

The Suites Launch NFT Collection

The Suites NFT mint attracted a lot of attention and was sold out in seconds with some claiming issues in their attempt to mint one of the highly sought after pieces. 

With a mint price of 2.2 SOL many were not deterred as users flooded onto Magic Eden for the minting process. It appears the demand was not misguided as the floor price soared, peaking at over 18SOL on January 17 and sitting at around 15.50SOL at the time of writing. The CEO of the group heading The Suites, Ian Cummings, also exclusively revealed more excitement in the pipeline to Solana News on January 17:

“We at Third Time have been absolutely blown away at the response to The Suites, and couldn’t be more thankful. From here, we continue to be heads down and focusing on both new partnerships and delivering a great user experience,” Cummings commented before hinting at other developments. “Our team has decades of experience running and shipping multiple AAA projects and we can’t wait to bring both Photo Finish and The Suites to the market and really cement ourselves as a top development team in the crypto space.”

FTX didn’t have much issue claiming their own NFT after conducting a private purchase which was duly advertised by the team’s Twitter channel ahead of the public mint on January 16:


The purchase by FTX will serve as a stamp of approval to the team who have done much to attract A-list clientele that may help propel their project and price even further. 

Minting Issues

Users reported issues while attempting to mint with the ‘Mint’ button disappearing after an initial attempt. Some, like @MetaCrypto1000x took to Twitter to detail his frustrations, explaining that the option simply reset itself making it impossible to retry and have a fair chance at minting the NFTs. Ian Cummings was again on hand to address these frustrations in an exclusive comment to Solana News:

“We know it was frustrating for so many people to not be able to mint due to demand, but we are also happy that our whitelisted Stylish Studs / Fine Fillies community were able to be rewarded for supporting us for the past few months.”

The comment goes some way to clarifying where the whitelisted members had come from and also underlines that the project is keen on communicating clearly with its growing community.


Magic Eden were certainly sympathetic to the outcry from users and addressed the issue head on:

“Yes, we hear your comments on the @TheSuitesNFT Launchpad. We’re doing a post mortem. Keep everyone posted–it’s our top priority right now.” The NFT Marketplace explained on Twitter.

Solana News will be on hand to cover the developments as they occur from Magic Eden. For now however, those lucky enough to mint will certainly be celebrating their NFTs.

What is The Suites?

The Suites is an NFT collection of apartments within a metaverse. The team claims they are aiming to recreate the feeling of being with your friends in a luxurious virtual suite, watching live streams of events together. They cite going to that local pub dedicated to a single team during a game, or your last Super Bowl party in underlining the atmosphere they hope to establish. The project remains in its initial stages but have attracted some intriguing investors. 

Where to find The Suites:

Website | Medium | Discord |

Source : solana.news

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