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Cryptodaily Admin: I have here with me Mr.theCryptoB from the Viraverse project! Good day and welcome Mr.theCryptoB to the community! Are you doing well?

CryptoB: Hello everyone! Happy to be able to be here!

Cryptodaily Admin: Are you all set to start the AMA? Cause I don’t think the people can wait much longer

CryptoB: Yes we’re all set to go. We don’t want to keep them waiting

Q1: What is the viraverse? Please walk us through!

CryptoB: Well the Viraverse is a platform that allows token creators to reward their holders for community building actions. The viraverse is meant to be a universe for creators who want to bring more awareness to their projects and token community

Q2: What is the Viral protocol & how do people benefit from it?

Cryptodaily Admin: the people can be rewarded for their “community building actions”, I think this needs a bit more detail, so please go ahead and tell us what are those “actions”

CryptoB: The viraverse is bringing never – before- seen utility to the Solana network through the viral protocol. It is a system that allows token creators to securely reward user for certain community building actions

These actions include driving traffic to a toke’s landing page, inviting new holders, uploading to our content hub and uploading to the social hub

There are many ways this protocol can benefit token communities and holders as well

As for token creators and communities the viraverse allows them a chance to scale their project and build community awareness

Q3: Who governs these actions? Can the token holders also take part in this?

CryptoB: The Viraverse is striving to be community driven so we want the community to be honest. To do this we allow the community to govern the Viraverse and validate actions before rewards are airdropped

Cryptodaily Admin: right but is there a minimum amount of token held to be eligible for this government? Or anybody holding any amount can?

CryptoB: To be eligible to govern on the viraverse, one must stake their VIRAL Tokens in the validator pool

Q4: How will other projects be able to integrate the viral protocol into their communities?

CryptoB: Token creators that want to integrate the viral protocol in their communities can head over to the viraverse and create a portal. In order to join the viraverse and implement the viral protocol creators must stake 100,000 viral tokens.  Token creators then lock up a portion of their token supply into a viral pool for user rewards.

The tokens in this pool will be distributed with a Solana smart contract that has the ability to take tokens out and airdrop them as rewards to the holders

Q5: So I was just scrolling through the website and had to ask: Do you have investors? Or any advisors?

CryptoB: As of right now, we have some private investors that have backed us on another project of ours and we have an advisor finalizing our tokenomics!

Cryptodaily Admin: And I figure you are going to announce this later on your socials. So not going to dig deeper into this it should be a nice secret to keep

Q6: Are there any benefits for early holders in the viraverse?

CryptoB: Yes one of the main benefits is the governance of the upcoming viraverse DAO

Q7: Do you have any Demo’s to provide?

CryptoB: We’re provide a live demo on our twitter profile, so make sure to check that out sometime this week However I can give a few more glimpses of the platform

Just a glimpse of what’s to come for token creators and their communities

Q8: How soon can we expect a launch? Because the interface looks like it’s ready to go!

CryptoB: Haha, we want to give the Solana community nothing but the best! The team has been working endlessly on the viraverse and we’re pretty much wrapping up soon, you can expect a launch sometime in February!

Q9: What are some big things that we can expect in the near future for the viraverse?

CryptoB: Well you can expect some big things from the viraverse team! We have plans to create a Viraverse dex and an exclusive launchpad

Make sure to check us out on Twitter this week! We have some exciting news dropping about the viraverse and the viral protocol!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Viraverse

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

CryptoB: All I have to say is stay tuned for what the Viraverse & viral inu team has to offer you REALLY don’t want to miss out

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Mr.CryptoB for being here and best of luck to Viraverse! It has been a pleasure

CryptoB: Thank you guys so much!

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