Friktion Labs Comes to DeFi Direct Livestream

Friktion Changes Up Portfolio Management

The two co-founders of the Friktion Labs will join the next edition of the DeFi Direct Livestream on YouTube. The stream will hit the channel on Tuesday, January 11th at 17:00 UTC. The co-founders Uddhav and Alex will be on hand to give all the Friktion insight and explain the trail-blazing Solana protocol. 

With nearly $90 million total volume locked, Friktion has built a DeFi portfolio manager to perform across different market cycles. Greg, GoonTrades, will have plenty to discuss regarding the  Automated Portfolio Manager (APM) and the VOLTs that flex quantitative yield strategies.

Don’t forget to join the DeFi Direct Livestream on Tuesday, January 11th at 17:00 UTC.


Who are Alex, Uddhav, and team

The core contributors have been building together since 2016. The team came together from working in quantitative research and proprietary trading firms (commodities, treasuries, volatility products, crypto assets), full-stack blockchain engineering, monetary policy, and UI/UX design. 

Uddhav – Friktion Co-founder. He has the highest degen score on the team. He currently works on circuits, protocol design,tokenomics, risk management, and marketing. He previously oversaw trading desks spot, futs/vol crude+products, carbon. He is a SubSurface Engineer by degree and has also done mathematics and National Security work. 

Alex – Friktion Co-founder. He is a lead protocol developer and professional liquidator. He previously worked as a Quantitative Trader at Crypto HF, US Treasuries Desk, Equity Vol (XIV bear). He has a degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has been working in Quantitative Research and Quantitative Trader for a while. 

What is Friktion

Friktion is a new DeFi portfolio management project that appeared on the Solana ecosystem. The project is seen as a new profit-seeking opportunity, helping users to maximize profits and monitor profit fluctuations in different markets. Friktion offers an automated portfolio manager (APM) to generate profits over the market cycles. Investors simply enter their existing portfolio information, including: spot trading, perpetuals, liquidity, and then use Friktion to determine how to protect and grow the asset better.

Where to find Friktion:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Docs |

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