Aurory Extends Cliff for Seed and Team

The PlaytoEarn NFT project stakes its conviction as a long-term builder on Solana.

Cliff Extension Offers Price Relief 

In a decision taken by seed investors and the project team itself, the investment cliffs have been extended due to the pervading sense of ‘uncertainty’ and ‘doubt’ surrounding crypto projects.

The announcement was made official after a post on Aurory’s Medium on January 11. The decision will see the seed investor cliff pushed to June 1st, 2022, with a further 24 months of linear vesting following the seed. Team and Treasury cliffs were also pushed to August 15, 2022, with a further 48 and 36 months of linear vesting in the pipeline following seed investor cliffs.

The move is likely to be championed by retail investors who will understand that selling pressure will be hugely delayed. The move also acts as a serious vote of confidence by early investors who clearly feel the project has long-term potential. 

“In the last few weeks, we have noticed a lot of uncertainty and doubt around crypto projects, especially in the Solana ecosystem. We wanted to address this doubt because we feel that it is unjustified,” the team stated before alluding to the broader picture on Solana. “The Solana ecosystem is thriving with a legion of passionate builders, who all strive to create quality products and care deeply about its long term future and sustainability.”


The team was clear about the motivations behind the move and looked to underline their diligent treatment of loyal investors in the project. There was an effort to indicate that their belief in their own project has led the move, and investors should be equally bullish on its long-term prospects.

“We felt that this will not only demonstrate the continued support, determination, and undying faith that we all have in Aurory but also illustrate our commitment to creating the future of gaming,” the team stated. 

Solana News will be following keenly to see the impact the move will have on Aurory’s price fluctuations in the future.

What is Aurory Project?

The Aurory Project is the team behind the Aurory play to earn (P2E) based on the Solana ecosystem. The game allows users to earn native tokens and NFTs while playing the game as per merit. AURY acts as the in-game currency that enables users to buy items from the NFT marketplace that also directly benefits from the growth of the marketplace.

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