Crossmint Brings NFT Self Service for Solana Projects

Crossmint makes it easy to mint NFTs without using wallets, but with credit cards, just as you can purchase products on Amazon.

Crossmint: Taking NFT Minting to the Next Level

Crossmint announces self-service for Solana projects enabling anyone to mint NFTs via credit card for free.

Crossmint made the announcement with a tweet on April 15, where they also briefly discussed the steps to mint an NFT using the platform as follows:

 As a first step, you need to create your Crossmint account here.

Click on your profile at the bottom left of the Console to verify it.

Creating your projects – add your Candy Machine ID (CM ID) and receive CLIENT_IDs to plug into your code.

“The problem with Solana NFTs is that we are stuck at ~50k unique buyers per month. For widespread adoption, minting should be as easy as buying on Amazon! This is our goal”. Crossmint opens up in the Discord announcement. “We make it so anyone can mint in 1 minute. No wallet or cryptocurrencies required!”.


Crossmint Features at a Glance:

Supported blockchains: Solana, Polygon, ETH

Price: As an NFT seller, Crossmint is free to use, and you get your money instantly in SOL / ETH / MATIC. Crossmint, however, charges a convenience fee to the buyer.

Supported contracts: Solana Candy Machine, Polygon ERC721, ETH ERC721. You may also use a custom contract. Reach out to Crossmint via support here.

No lock-in:

Different non-custodial wallets store NFTs securely

It is free to export NFTs to an external wallet (Phantom, Metamask, or Ledger).

When stored on Crossmint, NFTs can still receive airdrops and other operations just like they would on a regular wallet.

According to the Discord announcement, Crossmint released their website on January 23 with two features in private alpha:

– Airdrop to emails:  Instead of wallets, Crossmint will allow you to send NFTs to your people using their emails addresses, even if they don’t have wallets. This feature is specifically for community managers and contributors. 

– Generate QR codes for token-gating physical events. 

Additionally, Crossmint launched their first NFT on February 2 as they have confirmed that NFTs have utility within their ecosystem – from discounts to access to WLs, beta access to new tools, and web3 jobs. Later the team also announced their NFT collection on March 31, starting with Gardener NFTs for a supply of 600, free of charge. 

Currently, Crossmint is live on multiple launchpads, including Nova LaunchHyperspaceSimiansSundays LabMonkelabsCoinfra, and Holaplex.

What is Crossmint?

Crossmint is a service that allows NFT creators to accept credit card payments. It will enable anyone to create an NFT in under a minute by using their email or Discord ID and a credit card. Cross mint explains in their Medium that there is no need for a wallet or cryptocurrency. Crossmint accepts credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

Crossmint also makes viewing and managing your NFTs simple.  You can access your NFTs whenever you want. Learn more about the founders Rodri and Alfonso here

Learn more about Crossmint:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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