Holaplex Brings NFT Vending Machine to Solana Miami

NFT vending machines are another attempt to mainstream the use of NFTs by making it easy for pedestrians to purchase NFTs, just like drinks and snacks.

NFT Vending Machine by Matt Deco With Holaplex

During the recent Solana Miami Hacker House, Holaplex made Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) vending machines available for the general public so people could purchase NFTs just like drinks and snacks.

Recently, Holaplex released a short video on Twitter on April 15, showing people purchasing NFTs from the vending machine. According to the tweet, the vending machine was made by Matt Deco using Metaplex and Solana Pay, and all the proceeds went to the charity. According to the video, you can proceed by connecting your wallet, which is as simple as scanning a QR code followed by selecting an NFT of your choice and then finalizing the transaction.  

“It’s so cool seeing others modify + use something I open-sourced. Big shouts to Holaplex for breaking new ground at the Miami Hackerhouses last week!” Matt expressed with a tweet. “The Hola team are some of the best folks I’ve met through the HHs, and they’re giving a lot back to the scene w/ their own OSS.”


Recently, the World’s first NFT vending machine was presented in New York recently by Neon. As Business Wire reported, the machine accepts USD credit and debit cards and then prints a box containing a unique code for the chosen NFT, which can be redeemed on Neon’s platform.

NFTs are known for tying a unique and irreplaceable token to a digital work. By becoming more accessible to everyone, they will become a mainstream phenomenon. It is another attempt to broaden the culture among the masses by installing NFT vending machines at Hacker Houses and public spaces. Additionally, the recent showcase provides another opportunity to encourage artists and creatives to take advantage of this new technology in more than one way,  including creating exclusive airdrops, interoperability between games, and access to real-world art and experiences. 


What is Holaplex:

Holaplex, founded in 2021, provides independent artists, musicians, and creators with simple, free tools to make and sell NFTs and over 2,000 stores for NFT buyers and collectors to discover up-and-coming projects, fast-rising artists. Holaplex leverages and contributes to the NFT protocol Metaplex, which delivers fast, low-cost NFT creation on the Solana blockchain. Further, Holaplex also allows creators to quickly build their own NFT stores and marketplaces with no code.

Learn more about Holaplex:

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Source : web3wire.news

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