CrimeFamília Seeks to Spice up NFTs and GameFi on Solana

CrimeFamília aims to build a new niche in the Solana NFT GameFi space incorporating a creative MMORPG and RTS twist.

What is CrimeFamilia?

CrimeFamília is a new-generation Decentralized Finance (DeFi)Play-to-Earn (P2E), and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project. It combines 2 gaming genres: real-time strategy with MMORPG elements.

The Collection contains 7,777 algorithmically generated collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain. Each attribute is unique, and completely different from the other, there are 73 of them. 

There are 6 characters with their own history, which is known to the whole world and will remain forever in the crime chronicles. The collection’s main goal is to remember how crime has affected the world and changed many lives.

The main feature is a collaboration with other NFT holders via a clan system. This aims to increase in-game indicators, staking power, and open new abilities.

Our NFTs are a reminder about keeping your data securely, estimating your risks while investing, how drugs can lead to irreparable consequences.

CrimeFamília Landing Page

CrimeFamília Seek Unique Use Cases

CrimeFamília seeks to build a new NFT society, where every project will bond with others. 

The 1st edition of CrimeFamília NFTs grants holders future opportunities in the ecosystem. CrimeFamília strays from useless JPEGs, looking to buildout value for holders in a ‘new’ era of NFTs. Users who hold the CrimeFamília NFT holders will have access to the following features:
Queue Jump Buying

Game Mechanics 

As was already mentioned, CrimeFamilia is a real-time P2E strategy game, which is based on collaborating with others’ collections. 

A large number of collections will integrate in-game, allowing the collaboration of NFTs to make an influence on game mechanics and increase rewards. The game beta launches in early Q1 2022.

Every player will be able to leverage their collection to expand their respective clan. Clans will be able to build their own clan with Residential, Commercial, and Industrial structures. The goal is to accumulate the most land and create an army.

A Multi-Chain Future

CrimeFamilia seeks cross-chain interoperability to allow seamless onboarding and transfer of NFTs. Every approved collection will be able for “bridging.”

Sale Info

There are three stages to enter the sale. To enter users must enter discord for activities and become Mafia’s members.

-Supporters & Active Members: 1 guaranteed NFT for 0.0666 SOL

-Early Members & Activity Participants: 1 guaranteed NFT for 0.3333 SOL

-Public sale with 0.6666 SOL price.

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