Air Guitar Academy a New Free-To-Play PVP Music NFT Game

Meeting the very first debut of Air Guitar Academy NFT mint On 29 November at 10PM UTC,  along with a game project is in development to be played with the NFTs.


The creation of a blockchain-based game, music, and NFT ecosystem with the goal of unleashing the potential value that exists at the confluence of these fast increasing industries is the project purpose

Project NFT

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The minting process will begin on November 29th 

Initial Mint available is 8679 at the cost of 0.88 $sol/each – 209 guitars will be given away to the community and influencers to drive interest in the project.

A maximum of 8888 air guitars will be allowed to exist at any given time. 

25% of royalties will be used to buy the floor and destroy the least desirable instruments.

25% of royalties will go to artists based on plays of their music in the game.

25% of royalties will go to players of the game as prizes.

The goal is to equip all NFTs like Bored Apes, Solana Business Monkey, CryptoPunks with Air Guitars and play the game to epic beats – outplaying your opponent to get the highscore and become the GOAT shredder.

Welcome to the Air Guitar Academy hodlers.

The Game

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Concept Video

Strumming your guitar in time with the beat and outplaying your opponent will earn you the champion title.

Unleash the potential of your Air Guitar – get lucky, zap, set fire to and freeze your opponent. 

You also get to vote on what project builds next with your Air Guitars – features, games, collaborations, events, and worlds within the metaverse.

Playable Prototype

The team had a 2-day hackathon where they put together a single-player prototype of the game so you can get an idea what it will be like.

Click to play

Give feedback on what you think on the Discord channel!

Featured Artists

The project has already started receiving submissions for the music to be featured in the game and musicians are extremely excited about this new way to distribute music to the NFT community and for them to interact with it and experience it together.

Musicians can submit new songs to the game at

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Tokenomics and Royalties

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Total Supply: 8888

Initial Mint: 8679

Community Giveaway: 189

Marketing: 20


Nov 2021 – Mint Gen1 Air Guitars 

Release 8679 collectible, uniquely generated air guitars with unique abilities. Holders, aka airheads, get access to early alpha releases and updates and premium gaming experience in our games. Non-holders can still use free-to-play air guitars the project will provide that don’t have unique features.

Dec 2021 – Verify Collection On Marketplaces

After minting gen1, the project will get listed and verified as quickly as possible on Alpha Art, SolSea, Solanart, etc., to enable the trading of air guitars.

Dec 2021 – Exclusive Events And Giveaways

Bring holders of all NFTs together to interact in exciting ways through events and giveaways for airheads that incorporate existing communities like Degenerate Ape Academy, SMB, Cryptopunks, Mekaverse, Bayc, etc.

Q1 2022 – Airdrops To Airheads 

At various periods the project will reward airheads who hold on to their air guitars with special items such as picks, amps, and even new instruments.

2022 – Game Design And Foundation 

Release the game design for Air Guitar Academy’s first full feature rhythm-based music game (like guitar hero, osu!, beat saber) in which you can use any NFT as your character and your air guitar as your battle-ax. Air guitars from gen1 will have one or more enhancements to be used against opponents. The project will start to work with airheads to get feedback on the game design and iterate it. 

2022 – Collab With Artists And Platforms

Collab with artists to incorporate their music, art, and charts into the game in unique and exciting ways. Imagine playing against tribute against Tenacious D or helping a friend launch their music career in the NFT space to airheads through the air guitar academy. 

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