Crema Prepares for IDO with Caffeine Farming Event

There are five different levels of NFT keys that users can mint to open treasure boxes with rewards of up to $21K.

The Crema Treasure Boxes Are Waiting

Crema introduces the “Caffeine Farming” prelaunch event to get ready for the upcoming IDO.

The liquidity protocol announced on April 7 via Twitter that the event is officially live and will last for eight weeks. Users who have provided liquidity on Crema will receive “Caffeine tokens” to mint NFT keys during the event. After the IDO, the keys unlock treasure boxes to claim $CRM token rewards.

“For a diamond key holder, they are most likely to claim $3,500 return in the end, which is great already, while they also have a chance to trigger a 6x and unlock the fantastic $21,000 treasure, which is sooooo amazing!” wrote the team on their blog. “In a nutshell, if you successfully earn more Caffeine through the farming event and mint a high-level key, you will have a higher chance of winning a big prize.”


There are six different farming pools available for the event: USDT-USDC, UST-USDC, mSOL- SOL, USDH-USDC, UST-USDH, and pUSDT-pUSDC. They are currently yielding between 42.76% and 219.98% APR, and users can choose any pool to add liquidity and start grabbing Crema’s token incentives.

What is Crema Finance?

Crema Finance is a concentrated liquidity protocol built on Solana for both traders and liquidity providers. 

Crema´s products:

Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker: It can be used by DEXs to drive its decentralized trading. Liquidity providers can set specific price ranges for the liquidity they add. CLMM allows users to conduct range orders, which is as efficient and flexible as limit order trading on centralized exchanges.

NFT Liquidity Farming: Non-fungible liquidity contributed by liquidity providers is eligible to earn extra rewards from Crema´s NFT Liquidity Farming pools. 

Smart Router: Externally integrated by Jupiter and internally equipped with Crema’s routing system, it delivers efficient price routes.

Cross-chain Solutions: Crema can be a liquidity bridge for cross-chain platforms with dedicated smart contracts deployed on multiple blockchains.

Find more about Crema here:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium 

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