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Helium Community Okays Move to Solana Blockchain After Latest Vote

Helium Migrates Its Wireless Network to Solana The proposal regarding the HIP 70 move to the Solana Blockchain concluded Thursday morning as 81% of the community voted in favor of the action.  The voting process requires participants to stake their Helium Token (HNT) to participate in the on-chain voting. However, the final decision is made after the[Read more…]

Solana Network Surpasses 100 Billion Transactions

According to reports, the Ethereum killer, Solana, has crossed over 100 billion transactions. By press time, data from Solana Explorer revealed that the network has 100,027,437,213 transactions with a TPS of about 3,047. Solana Crosses 100 Billion Transactions  Solana Explorer data shows that the number of transactions on the Solana network has surpassed 100 billion on[Read more…]

Coinbase Cloud Adds Support for Solana Archival Nodes

Coinbase Cloud, a blockchain infrastructure protocol, has announced the launch of Solana archival nodes, a tool to facilitate the building of products and services on the Solana (SOL) network. Building Array of Solana Infrastructures With the launch of the Solana Archival Nodes, Solana builders will be able to examine historical address balances, run complex queries, and simulate the blockchain state at[Read more…]

Solana Labs Unveils Saga, A Web3-Powered Smartphone

Solana’s (SOL) parent company, Solana Labs has announced plans to launch an Android smartphone for the network. Solana Labs further revealed that the Web3-focused device would be ready early next year. Solana Announces Saga Mobile Phone The team at Solana Labs is envisioning a competitive entry into the telecom space with the unveiling of Saga.[Read more…]

Solana Ventures Launches $100M Fund for Web3 Startups in South Korea

Solana, a blockchain operator, unveiled its latest $100 million fund for South Korean web3 startups. The new fund is meant to foster the expansion of NFT, gaming, and DeFi initiatives on Solana, as well as to assist former Terra developers in finding work after Terra’s demise. $100M Fund to Boost GameFi and DeFi  Blockchain operator[Read more…]