Solana (SOL) And Polygon (MATIC) Investors Eye Up Flasko (FLSK) Presale

Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) have surged to the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in light of their astronomical rise – in no small part driven by their utility. 

However, like most cryptocurrencies, Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) face a long, hard road to recovery after losing as much as 80 to 90% of their value in the recent crypto market crash of near double-digit inflation.

On the other hand, new, promising protocols like Flasko don’t come very often – and like Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC), Flasko offers tremendous utility and future growth potential as the first alternative investment protocol focused on the trillion-dollar rare wines, whiskeys, and champagnes sector.

Solana (SOL): Smart Contract Platform Losing Steam

Solana (SOL) became one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2021, experiencing a massive surge amid speculation and hype. Consequently, Solana (SOL) token prices hit all-time highs of $260, much to the delight of early Solana (SOL) buyers, especially those who participated at the presale.

However, Solana (SOL) has since gone on a precipitous decline, losing almost 90% of its value in this bear market, leading to a pervasive sense of pessimism surrounding the smart contract platform – leading investors to look into more profitable projects that allow them to shore up their portfolios in this bear market.

Polygon (MATIC) Is Struggling Under The Weight Of The Bear Market

Polygon (MATIC) held firm in the first half of 2022, losing only 60% of its value compared to other cryptocurrencies. Since then, however, Polygon (MATIC) token prices have been on a protracted downward slide. It is now 73% below its all-time high levels.

Furthermore, the recent hype surrounding the Ethereum (ETH) Merge has failed to rekindle much interest among investors, taking Polygon (MATIC) token prices down.

That said, Polygon (MATIC) investors have been swaying towards projects like Flasko, which can deliver much better results regarding profitability.

Flasko (Flsk) Presale Bringing Alternative Investments To Crypto 

If you missed the Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) presales, Flasko might be your ticket. Flasko is bringing the $13.4 trillion alternative investment industry to crypto investors, giving them a chance to invest in an asset class that constantly appreciates over time – rare wines, whiskeys  and champagnes.

With Flasko, users can invest in fractional or whole NFTs representing real bottles of rare wines, whiskeys, and champagnes from Flasko’s selection which Flasko users can have delivered straight to their homes. Better still, investing in said NFTs allow every crypto investor to take advantage of the steady returns vintage wines and whiskeys bring – an asset class that performed better than gold in the last decade.

The developers of Flasko have locked liquidity on the alternative investment platform for 33 yearsensuring the long-term viability of the protocol. Moreover, Flasko has been fully audited by Solid Proof.

Like Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC), Flasko has ticked all the boxes for a parabolic run in 2022 and beyond. Flasko is still in its presale, so you can still catch the rocket to the moon.





Source : cryptodaily

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