Aurory Launches NFT Staking Expeditions

April 18, 2022

The project keeps expanding as the team aims to release the closed demo for a selection of Aurorian holders in May.

Gamified NFT Staking

The PlayToEarn game, Aurory, launched Expeditions, a unique approach for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) stakers to collect artifacts, eggs, and $AURY tokens.

The team announced Expeditions v1 on April 17 via Twitter, enabling players to create Aurorian squads and send them on a quest to collect rewards. There are four types of expeditions, requiring between one and five Aurorian NFTs and spanning from one hour to three days. The costs and potential rewards also vary on the quest. 

“There are definitely some things that can be improved, but I am quite impressed with the first release of the staking and I am excited to see what the team has in store for us for the next weeks! It seems like the community agrees with me since fp [floor price] shot up 30%,” shared Aurory whale Joenaes on Twitter.

Source: Expedition 4 is the most exclusive one, requiring 5 Aurorians (around 270 $SOL)

The novel staking feature comes as the team works toward announcing the first round of community members who will be gaining early access to the game. Even though the demo is delayed, Executive Producer Jon highlighted––on Substack––the project’s ambitions to combine AAA gaming with blockchain and meet the expected quality. He also underlined that the good news is that anxious players won’t have to wait for months anymore as the project reached all internal milestones successfully.

The Four Expeditions

Expedition 1: Through the Hidden Mine of Antik

“Explore the secret and dangerous underworld of Antik. Do not get lost on your way down, avoid traps, and find any valuable treasures you encounter!”

Squad size: 1 Auororian | Duration: 1 hour | Cost:  0.014 $AURY | Reward: Neftushi 

Expedition 2: The Master Beyond the Vile Fud

“A long forgotten Fud lord once came to Tokané and built an underground network to hide his treasures. Make sure you come prepared, and you have a strong team of explorers!”

Squad size: 2 Auororians | Duration: 12 hours | Cost: 0.168 $AURY | Reward: Dipking Fool’s 

Expedition 3: The Riddles of Helios

“A long journey through the dangerous mountains of north Tokané. Find wealth on the way up, and try to…make it back alive in one piece!”

Squad size: 3 Auororians | Duration: 1.5 days | Cost: 0.5 $AURY | Reward: Let’s explore 

Expedition 4: Across The Chain’s Passage

“The most dangerous valley of Tokané. Wild Nefties are said to protect invaluable treasures! You will need a large and strong team to take on this challenge!”

Squad size: 5 Auororians | Duration: 3 days | Cost: 1 $AURY | Reward: Nefty egg 

Aurorians can also return empty-handed as different squads compete for the rewards of each expedition (each quest has a drip rate of 3 collectibles per hour). The collectibles will have in-game utility once the game comes out.

What is Aurory:

Aurory is a PlayToEarn (P2E) and Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) on Solana. Players are invited to explore a rich and diverse universe across the worlds of Antik and Tokané as they complete quests, discover lost relics, defeat enemies, and compete against other players using creatures called “Nefties.” These magical creatures can be hatched, evolved, traded, used to battle, and have been designed as NFTs.

$AURY––the native utility token of the game’s ecosystem––lies at the heart of the game, fueling all the operations and enabling the token’s in-game economy.

Find more about Aurory here:‍

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