WeirdApesClub Launches NFT Breeding and Genetics

By Kyle HeiseNFT

Holders of Genesis Weird Apes and Lady Weird Apes can begin growing their population.

NFT Breeding and Inheritance

The Weird Apes Club (WAC) NFT project has integrated breeding and genetics to help populate the CronosJungle with 6,000 unique babies.

Using a combination of Genesis Weird Apes and Lady Weird Apes, users of the WeirdApesClub were explained in a March 24 Medium post how the mating season has opened. Users must hold and stake both a Genesis Weird Ape and Lady Weird Ape to begin the breeding and can have some control over what traits the baby inherits from the parent Apes. 480 $WAC tokens will also be needed to generate the breeding. 

“The incubator is an NFT as well, where the bred Baby is hidden, and does not reveal it,” the projects Github docs explain. “The holder in front of an incubator has two choices, either not to open it and thereby hide the Baby contained within, or to open it and reveal the hidden Baby. Both Baby and Incubator are both tradable on the secondary market.”

The Genesis Apes can breed unfettered while the Lady Apes are limited to just three births. The entire process takes place on the WAC website with a new UI to ease the process. The WAC Jungle should benefit from population growth, which opens up a new set of rewards and boosts for users who grow their footing in the ecosystem.


What is Weird Apes Club 

Weird Apes Club is a breedable collection algorithmically generated that is building a sustainable ecosystem for enthusiasts on’s blockchain. It’s not just PFP, it’s an ecosystem that includes 2D and 3D NFTs of different types, advanced mechanisms of breeding, customization, staking, renting, 3D voxel art, governance, adventure, gamified economy, multi-estate Metaverse, the CronosJungle and much more. The project has integrated features including breeding, DeFi, Governance, and more.

Where to find Weird Apes Club:

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