.Wallet Alliance Announced By Crypto Wallet Providers

The latest development has the potential to be an essential move for accessibility in crypto.

Standard Domain Addresses 

The days of obscure and complicated crypto wallet addresses are on the verge of becoming a thing of the past—a new ‘.Wallet Alliance’ announced by some of the largest wallet names around crypto, has banded together to set a new standard for wallet addresses. 

The news announced in a press release on Oct. 5th will develop in the coming months, but the new addresses will seek interoperability across different chains and ledgers. The move is a landmark step for democratization and customization for payments.

“Simple usernames that work across all wallets globally take the fear and risk out of spending crypto. We’re excited to work with these 30+ wallets to make crypto transactions an everyday reality for millions, then billions of people and we invite other wallets to join our alliance,” said Matthew Gould, Founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, in a blog from Oct. 4. 


Led by Unstoppable Domains, over 30 of the world’s leading crypto wallets representing 40 million users will simplify the peer-to-peer payment system with customizable domain names and .wallet addresses. Several apps and wallets like Binance’s Trust Wallet, 1inch, BRD Wallet, imToken, MyEtherWallet, will synchronize with over 275 different cryptocurrencies to begin a standard for crypto-wallets. 

The new solution from the .Wallet Alliance hopes to help bridge the gap of crypto to the masses. It is much easier to send crypto to a friend’s wallet that holds their name rather than an esoteric string of numbers and letters. This latest step can help eliminate one of the strangest parts of onboarding to crypto and make it as simple as can be.

“The goal of crypto wallet providers is to make digital payments accessible for users of all levels. Standardizing crypto usernames across the ecosystem should be an industry-wide effort to usher in the masses,” said Adam Traidman, Co-founder and CEO of BRD, one of the wallets in the alliance. “BRD’s alliance with Unstoppable Domains is a win for the millions of current and future users who can now create a .wallet username and ditch the complexity of transacting in crypto.”

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Source : solana.news

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