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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with SolanaDaily! I’m Daley and I will be your host for today.

I have here with me Mr. Cristian Esposito from Vision Game

Good day to you Cristian! How are you doing?

Cristian Esposito: Hi Daley, and nice to meet you everyone! I’m doing good, happy to be here

Cryptodaily Admin: I always appreciate when a CEO/Founder takes their time and answers the community! So why don’t we start the AMA right away?

Cristian Esposito: Absolutely, I’m ready

Q1: To start the AMA, please introduce the Team behind Vision Game? Are you a fully doxed team? What are your past experiences with the blockchain tech and game industry?

Cristian Esposito: Sure! As part of the core team behind the project, I can say we have a very good balance. I worked for more than a decade in the traditional gaming industry, first as a programmer, then designer, director and more. Our CTO has made tools for developers for years, and our CMO has been part of more than 10 blockchain projects. We all complement each other, and we’re all driven by a passion for gaming.

Here’s a rundown:

Cristian Esposito (CEO): An industry veteran with more than 11 years of experience programming, designing, directing 100s of games for the desktop and mobile market, reaching the hands of tens of millions of players.

Serhii Yolkin (CTO): The mind behind tools for the Unity Asset Store used by developers worldwide, in award winning games such as “Ori and the Blind Forest”, he knows what developers want, and how it should be delivered.

Youngsung Chong (CMO): Consultant and advisor to 10+ projects, he has helped blockchain projects expand international outreach, refine business models, and increase brand exposure.

The team itself has been expanding a lot, we’ve opened a local office here in Italy where the core of the operation is run, while we also expand remotely to look for talent wherever it might lie.

Cryptodaily Admin: WOW! So what’s it like moving from a traditional standpoint to Blockchain?

Cristian Esposito: Honestly, very exciting! I’ve been part of the early stages of the mobile market, when the big studios weren’t yet involved and there was a lot of room for experimenting and seeing what worked best with that new audience.

The blockchain gaming market feels the same way right now to me, there’s still a lot of room for the market to grow and reach new audiences as well, and a lot of opportunities for everyone to participate in it.

Q2: Why don’t you tell us what Vision Game is? Why did you build this project? And what makes you different from other similar ones?

Cristian Esposito: VisionGame takes the traditional gaming publisher experience, and brings it to the blockchain market, augmented by the technology within it.

We provide developers and gamers with a unique suite of products, that focus on all the stages, from development, to community building, fundraising and beyond.

The VisionSDK for example, provides a series of features that can shave off months of development time for both traditional and blockchain developers. VisionOffering, our crowdfunding platform (currently live in its early registration phase ), detaches itself from the known launchpads by focusing more on the projects and the community bonding.

Aside from our products, we provide technical and creative services to aid the projects throughout their journey, as well as helping them through understanding user funnels, game loops, and how to better engage their audiences.

We decided to use our expertise to join the market as a publisher rather than just making our own game, because we wish to shape the experiences that the market can offer, towards mass adoption, as a whole.

The goal is really to raise the bar within the industry one game at a time.

As for what makes us different, I would say it’s the approach, and the expertise we bring. While we value all that the market and its technology has to offer, we also fully understand why traditional users and companies aren’t interested, and we believe we can work towards a bigger goal.

Cryptodaily Admin: I mean it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead for sure. As you said, there are rooms for Blockchain games but yes, as for traditional games, I don’t think they would be much interested in moving on-chain. However, I would also like to see what Vision Game has to offer that’s gonna potentially change their minds

Q3: What are your core products and how do these work? And how do they benefit the game developers in general?

Cristian Esposito: Yep, I mentioned them but let’s go a bit deeper. We have a series of products and services, for both developers and gamers.

VisionSDK acts as a middle layer between developers and popular technologies. The first version will support Enjin and Solana, but more will be added in future releases. The goal is to provide a solution that’s so easy to use, companies won’t need a dedicated team or skill set just to implement said features.

It includes blockchain specific features, like minting or reading NFTs, but also game development specific ones, like real-time or turn-based multiplayer, or terrain generation for metaverses (or any game that could benefit from it), and more.

It can be useful to all kinds of developers, even if it’s for just one of its features.

VisionOffering is a crowdfunding platform, more akin to Kickstarter or Indiegogo than any current launchpad in the market. Sales aren’t run for a couple of days, but the presence of a project can last as long as the developers wish. It comes with community built-in features, where users are able to comment and participate in discussions among themselves and with the developers. Developers can also provide updates through a dedicated blog for their project, and the kind of rewards they can provide to users ranges from the usual NFTs (in-game items), to more, like physical merchandise, one on one talk with the developers, or special perks.

The goal is for VisionGame to be a one stop solution for traditional and blockchain game development companies, making use of our products and our expertise (through specific services we provide) to be the ultimate partner for any gaming project. In that regard, that’s the benefits developers can have by working with us: a dedicated suite of tools, a dedicated team, all working towards improving their project and ensuring its success.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow it sure sounds like a one-stop for game developers already, having that many tools available to use, you can even create a brand new game inside Vision Game too

Q4: Why did you start with Solana when BSC has a huge GameFi user base? If a traditional game wants to try on-chain, don’t you think they will pick BSC because of that?

Cristian Esposito: We loved what Solana was and is offering, and we thought it was a great fit technically for games. We believe that gamers, of any kind and any platform or market, go where great games are. If we can help a game go from good to great, gamers will follow.

But as far as chain support goes, if a company really wants to get on tech that our SDK doesn’t yet support, that’s where our technical help comes in to make it a reality.

Being a one stop solution also means being as flexible as possible. That’s why the architecture behind our VisionSDK is meant to support multiple blockchains easily.

And as development progresses, we will always closely listen to both what developers and the market are telling us. If there’s something they’d like to see us support, we will most likely support it. The goal is to empower developers, not to limit them.

Q5: Do you have a screening process for the traditional games that want to use your platform?

Cristian Esposito: We have a screening process, especially as we begin our journey, because we make it a point to focus on quality rather than quantity, until we grow enough that we’re able to put the same care and focus on a wider range of products at the same time.

What we’re looking for are games that we feel have the potential to showcase new ways to attract and interact with users. It doesn’t mean AAA games with millions of budgets behind them, but engaging, fun experiences that can fit perfectly with some necessary blockchain focused features.

Even if they’re a bit rough around the edges, that’s where we come in to polish them up.

It’s a process that we also have for blockchain games, which we also aim to help. Of course, the screening process is mostly related to our technical and creative support, as well as launching on VisionOffering. Our SDK instead is open to every developer, even if they just wish to play around with it to see what it can do.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s what I like about Vision Game also, you’re offering a platform for people to try out their ideas, their creativity. With an easy-to-use platform like that, there could be diamonds among stones

Q6: Let’s dive into your tokens. Why does it say Vision Engine token instead of Vision Game token on your website? What are some of their use cases especially for the players and the developers?

Cristian Esposito: Ahah, good catch! We went through a rebranding, very close to our public sale on Solanium (which went great!), and in the rush of things (we also released VisionOffering, a bit crazy I know), we failed to catch that.

We had a bit of trouble setting a name, and at some point VisionEngine seemed like a good fit, but through this rebranding we decided to stick with VisionGame. So that Engine part is just a missed bit in our crazy release schedule, we’ll fix that asap

As for the utility of $VISION, it’s multi-faceted, and it really depends on the product.

In VisionOffering for example, it’s used to purchase brand tokens, specific tokens that each project has and that can later be exchanged for rewards, when they’re available. $VISION provides 0% transaction fees, and brand tokens can also be exchanged back to $VISION, so users can opt out without affecting the developer’s support.

Within VisionSDK it depends on the feature developers go for. There’s a lot of networking features where $VISION acts as fuel, but the utility will keep on adapting to the new features we’ll introduce.

There’s more we have planned, especially in regards to our products and first party games, but the one thing everybody can be certain of, is that $VISION will always power each experience.

Cryptodaily Admin: And you just changed the name, not the entire contract right I’ve seen projects rebranded and changed their entire contract and they did not even care to audit that contract again, sus

Cristian Esposito: No no, just the name Contract has nothing to do with it, don’t worry., basically a sleek new logo and branding direction to go along with it.

Q7: Let’s talk about the user’s benefit here. What can we get from playing games on your platform?

Cristian Esposito: Curated experiences, first and foremost. It’s a broad term, which includes the attention to detail, polish and quality that the user will face when playing the game, and what normally sets apart a professional production from a…less curated one.

But it also includes an attention to flows, funnels, loops, all geared towards wider adoption. This means for example, no more forced NFTs purchase to even be able to try out the game at all, easier onboarding processes for users, and more.

It’s the difference that using the term “publisher” brings. We aren’t here just to help projects do IGO, INO, IDO (terms that you won’t even find on VisionOffering, for example), but to actually provide better products to the market.

I said this before but gamers go where great games are, no matter the market or platform. The fastest way to get traditional gamers and traditional companies interested, is to produce great games that attract not only an audience interested in the possible economical gains, but that’s also invested in the IP itself because they have actual fun.

That’s what we’re aiming for, and that’s what gamers on our platform can expect.

Q8: How do you plan on marketing your platform and attracting players/developers in using Vision Game?

Cristian Esposito: We have a lot planned, and it’s a question that our CMO would be able to dig into a lot better (:

What I’m personally doing, aside from the constant discussions within the many projects we’re in talk with (coming from both my traditional network, and our great backers and advisors), is ensuring that we deliver our products perfectly in time as our roadmap details.

I like to believe that, as a blockchain project, prompt and constant deliveries can already help us generate a lot of interest, which is why we’re working tirelessly towards our end of Q1 releases.

VisionOffering itself has already seen more than 1k+ registrations during the weekend alone.

As a project that gears towards entertainment, partnering up and helping to launch great projects, as well as our first party games, to create one bigger cohesive community directly within our platforms, is one of our main goals.

Of course a lot of events and contests and more traditional strategies are planned, but it’s a matter of effort on all fronts for me.

Q9: Are there any exciting events coming up that you want to talk about?

Cristian Esposito: We just had our public sale on Solanium, the early registration release of VisionOffering. Soon we’ll be able to showcase the SDK as well, with a public release by the end of the month, as well as a demo of our first party game, VisionChimps (title subject to change d: ), currently featured on VisionOffering itself.

There’s a lot that can be expected. I feel our community and supporters lately are all about a date for our listing. While we can’t yet provide a fixed date, I can say it’ll happen within March, as we’re coordinating with our partners to ensure that despite the market conditions and the current war in Ukraine, the launch of our token will be a success for everyone that supported us.

We’re taking a bit of a longer route, but we’re getting there.

So yeah, among all the future products releases, listing and more, you can definitely expect a ton of updates in the upcoming weeks (;

Cryptodaily Admin: Exciting! VisionChimps sounds like a lot of fun haha, the name for me is perfect

Cristian Esposito: I mean, it’s astronauts chimps visiting a planet full of alien bananas. It has to be fun

Cryptodaily Admin: And it’s a party game hah. I love it!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Vision Game

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Cristian Esposito: A big thank you for having me here today, it was a pleasure! Make sure to follow VisionGame, we have a lot of exciting updates planned in the upcoming days, and more to come as we continue our journey!

Cryptodaily Admin: For sure! Thank you Cristian for being here with the SolanaDaily community! We would love to hear more from you and what Vision Game is going to achieve in the future!

Take care

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