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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with SolanaDaily! Hope everyone is staying safe out there. I’m Daley and I will be your host for today’s AMA with Viral Inu.

Viral Inu has done an AMA already with us and this is going to be a follow up AMA, so let’s find out what has been going on with the project

Hello and welcome back CryptoB! How’s everything man

CryptoB: Everything is going great. I can’t complain! How are you?

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah everything is still good! Great to know you guys are still committed with the project Having AMAs really shows that you’re constantly updating progress to the community. So let’s not keep everyone waiting! Shall we go on with the AMA CryptoB ?

CryptoB: Thank you! Want the people to know we’re here for the long run Let’s get the show on the road then

Q1: Let’s shorly re-introduce Viral Inu and Vira verse for the audience!

CryptoB: Well, The viraverse is a platform that lets project creators reward their community members for actions like referring new holders, driving traffic to a project’s landing page or even sharing about the project to social media. This is done through the “ viral protocol “ on the Viraverse. Viral Inu will be the first token to feature this protocol allowing VINU holders to be rewarded for community building actions!

Aside from that, Viral Inu is a meme token that focuses on creating an ecosystem of highly addictive P2E games and building a competitive, fun, and energetic community on Solana.

Q2: Are you guys still sticking together? Or has there been a little change in the members of the Team?

CryptoB: Yes haha we’re all here! However, the team has definitely changed for the better. We took a step back and took the time to see how Vinu is doing compared to other projects in the space and through that we were able to see where we can improve. We are more determined now than ever and the team is fully dedicated and passionate about making sure Viral Inu is successful. We plan on adding on more advisors to shift us in the right directions as well as implementing suggestions mentioned by the members in our community.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s a mature move right there, knowing what is needed to be done for the good of the project+community

Q3: What has changed in development since the last time we talked (around 1 month)? Are you still following tightly to your roadmap?

CryptoB: A lot has changed since the last time we talked! The Vinu team has certainly been working overtime to get Viral Inu where it needs to be. We have a new landing page that’s finishing up next week, an updated roadmap where we’ve already knocked a few things off, like our recent Solana ecosystem listing and obviously the launch of our first P2E game SOL runner!

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice! Yeah seems like you guys already achieved pretty much everything in your roadmap (according to your website). That’s what I love to see right there, staying on course

Q4: Last time we spoke, we talked about the NFT Game that you’re finishing up, what’s up with the game now? Is it available for everyone to play?

CryptoB: That’s our goal! Yes the game is called SOL RUNNER!  It’s been in development for a while now but, We’ve just finished up with some final tweaks for it and it’s ready for the people to play! Let me warn you though .. it’s highly addictive haha It’s a simple game almost like temple run, where you have to jump over obstacles and avoid getting hit!

Cryptodaily Admin: It sounds like a fun game to burn time for me and I guess with more monsters, levels,etc. It would be quite addictive. But everything takes time and as long as you guys are still developing, updating progress, Viral Inu is gonna be booming!

Q5: With the release of Sol Runner, you’re announcing some sort of challenge event on Twitter, please walk us through what it is and how can we join?

CryptoB: Yes it’s called the #SOLRUNNERCHALLENGE. The #SOLRUNNERCHALLNGE is our way of keeping the competitive and gaming spirit alive in the community

The way this works is that 5 winners everyday will be selected for a chance to win Solana prizes. The top 2 winners of the day will be able to win popular Solana prizes like a Monkey rejects NFT or a Degen trash panda!! The 3 remaining will be rewarded in Sol! Totaling up to 25 winners. You can find out exactly what prizes we’re giving out in our discord so make sure to check that out

To participate and get the chance to earn one of these prizes all you have to do is screenshot your highest score on Sol runner and upload it to twitter using #SOLRUNNERCHALLENGE and take @viralinu and that’s it!

Cryptodaily Admin: Can we have the link to download/play the game?

CryptoB: That’ll be made available through an official announcement in our discord first and then twitter!

Q6: The market has been rather dreary (still) in the past month, is Viral Inu still fighting strong? Do you think this is a good time to be releasing the game?

CryptoB: We’re fighting strong here at Viral Inu however every member on the team is very driven in making sure Viral Inu is successful. With that being said we understand the situation of the market but it doesn’t affect us because we’re building for tomorrow.

Cryptodaily Admin: I hear you, so no matter whether the market is down, or up, Viral Inu is here to stay and will continue to build. Perfect

Q7: Let’s talk about your community for a sec. How do you keep an engaging community during times like this?

Cryptodaily Admin: And if you want, please throw in your

CryptoB: Yup we’re here to stay Yea no problem here’s our link tree:

Well we try to make our community as engaging as possible by listening to our holders’ issues, having events like “ P2E thursday “ or “ AMA Fridays “  for them to participate in and giving them random airdrops within our discord to show our appreciation for holding. We want to be a community like no other on solana. A strong supportive community where people can come if they’re looking for someone to talk to or just someone to play games with

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said, and you guys have been really active on Twitter as well, with the episode 6 of Vinu’s adventure coming out soon haha. Keep doing what you’re doing guys! I love it

CryptoB: Yes! That’s one of my favorite things about VINU haha

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Viral Inu

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

CryptoB: Thank you guys for having me, it’s been awesome!! I said it the last time we were here stay tuned because the viral inu team is just starting

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here again and giving us updates on Viral Inu! We would love to have more AMAs in the future! Congrats on everything and best of luck to Viral Inu

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