Tiny Colony Unveils Gaming Updates

There has been important progress from the PlaytoEarn project, and the community will be vital for important feedback regarding play-testing.

Tiny Gaming Updates

Tiny Colony has revealed an update relating to its GameFi offering with a comprehensive Minimum Viable Product (MVP) breakdown as an overview of progress made. 

Tiny Colony’s new Game Producer Ernest Cheung took to Medium on April 22 to notify users of the game’s progress. Alongside the MVP breakdown, Cheung included in-game screenshots and also explained that the community will help with play-testing and feedback. Cheung explained that the next few weeks will see the team ‘sprinting’ forward with innovation. The Tiny Colony team offered an exclusive comment regarding the anticipated developments to Web3Wire:

“We’re excited to bring the community biweekly updates to provide insight into our game development and production. We’re in a great spot right now and everything is going as planned!”

Source: Current progress reveals a great deal of work to complete. 

Users will be reassured to hear about the steady progress being made by the Tiny Colony team, but the incoming bi-weekly updates will establish further belief in concrete gaming aspects that are being developed.  

While the team has underlined the completion of the Unity World UI Epic and has begun working on the Buildings, UI/UX, Back-End, and Characters, there is more to look forward to. With the upcoming character mint just days away, on April 28, the team is attempting to push on and offer a transparent process with their bi-weekly updates. 

As the team concludes its final innovative ‘sprint,’ they will be leaning on their community and using their feedback to help make the game the best it can possibly be. This will be the first opportunity for the Tiny Colony community to engage actively with what is being built. If you want to be a part of the exciting process, then become a community member today via the Tiny Colony Discord

Source: The in-game screenshots on the Medium announcement allowed users a peek into the world being built. 

Character Mint

Tiny Colony’s Character Mint will take place on April 28 22:00 UTC exclusively on Fractal. Characters will be an important part of defending your relevant Colony, as they can be situated in strategic positions to guard against the Ant Raiders who want to eat your larva.

All Character rarity types will also be eligible to take part in the Battle Arena, where users will go head-to-head alongside others using their five best Character NFTs to defend against hordes of Ant Raiders and win rewards.

“Characters greatly impact the earning potential within the Tinyverse as well,” the Medium announcement explained. “All Character NFTs can earn XP, Level Up, integrate weapon NFTs and Customization Items, breed, lend, and EARN!”

What is Tiny Colony:

Built on the Solana blockchain, Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse where players can construct their own colony. Colonies built and managed correctly can earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles. Spend those tokens purchasing more NFTs for your colony or for repairs of your base after a battle.

Where to find Tiny Colony:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium |

Source : web3wire.news

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