Tiny Colony Partners With iLogos Game Studios

iLogos to provide a whole Game Dev team to the Tiny Colony leadership team.

iLogos to Develop Tiny Colony

The Solana-based play-to-earn game, Tiny Colony, teamed up with the Angry Birds 2 game developers, iLogos Game Studios.

With big named clients like Disney, EA, SUPERCELL, and Zynga, iLogos Game Studios was selected to provide a gaming development team to bring the Tiny Colony metaverse to life. The official Twitter account of Tiny Colony announced the partnership on December 13th. 

“Tiny Colony is proud to announce our Partnership with iLogos for full game development! With partners like Disney, Rovio, EA Sports, we are excited to bring Tiny Colony to life. Read more about our partners with iLogos,” Tiny Colony tweeted.


The Tiny Colony team views iLogos Game Studios as an industry leader in game development and is thrilled to receive a full game development team consisting of game designers, engineers, artists, animators, and more. 

Tiny Colony wants its game to be developed so that players can jump in and easily enjoy playing the game while making sure that the players stay engaged with different aspects of the game to be discovered. A balance between accessibility and complexity is what Tiny Colony envisions its game to be.

What is iLogos?

Established in 2006, iLogos is a smart solutions provider in the gaming industry that specializes in full-cycle game productions. From game design to live operations, iLogos aims to help game businesses elevate and realize their potential through the different products they offer. Servicing big named clients like SUPERCELL, EA, and Zynga, iLogos believes that they cracked the formula for game development. 

Visit their website for more information on iLogos.

What is Tiny Colony?

Built on the Solana blockchain, Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse where players are in charge of constructing their own colony. Colonies built and managed correctly can earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles. Spend those tokens purchasing more NFTs for your colony or for repairs of your base after a battle. 

Learn more about the Tinyverse by visiting their website

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Source: Solana News

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