Tiny Colony Hosts Web3 Easter Egg Hunt

A total of fourteen Solana projects join the Easter event hosted by the resource management GameFi protocol.

Solana Easter Egg Hunt

Tiny Colony, a PlayAndEarn blockchain gaming project on Solana, is spearheading a Web3 Easter Egg Hunt. The event features a who’s-who of Solana protocols. 

The event was announced by the Tiny Colony team through a tweet on April 15. Fourteen Solana projects, including Tiny Colony, are part of the massive Web3 event. The other projects joining the Easter event are Fractal, House of Sparta, MetaOps, Psyker, Metawana, Synesis One, Angrymals, Space Falcon, MetaLeague, Samoyedcoin, Monkey League, StarLaunch, and Genopets.

“Web 3 Easter Egg Hunt! Easter Eggs will be hidden across 14 Discord servers,” said the GameFi project hosting the event. “Collect all 14, submit them, and you will receive a ticket to a LIVE Raffle with prizes totalling over 31 SOL.”


Each protocol will contribute an NFT to the prize, which will be raffled off on the Tiny Colony Discord on April 19. Based on the floor prices of the 14 NFTs, a total of 31 SOL is up for grabs during the event. To join, players must fill up a Google form with words scattered around the discord servers of all 14 participating projects. Each Easter egg “word” will be displayed between two egg and party popper emojis(🎉🥚1. word🥚🎉).

“We’re super excited to bring incredible solana projects together in a festive way,” Trevor Adolf, Tiny Colony VP for Marketing, told Web3 Wire. “We’re always happy to collaborate and move the solana ecosystem forward with creativity and community based events.”

Check out Tiny Colony’s Medium post for the full mechanics of the Easter Egg Hunt. 

What is Tiny Colony:

Built on the Solana blockchain, Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse where players can construct their own colony. Colonies built and managed correctly can earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles. Spend those tokens purchasing more NFTs for your colony or for repairs of your base after a battle.

Where to find Tiny Colony:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium |

Source : web3wire.news

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