TIEXO Shares the Goals and Plans of Their Platform

The TIEXO team joined our AMA host Andrew for an engaging chat about their platform and future.

Tiexo Joins Solana News

On November 22nd, Solana-based platform TIEXO joined us for a livestream on the Solana News Twitter Spaces. During the livestream, we discussed a variety of topics with the TIEXO team, and learned more about the project and its main purposes and initiatives. 

What Does TIEXO Aim to Accomplish?

The team explained that TIEXO (short for Token Initial Exchange Offering) seeks to provide a strong ecosystem for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This ecosystem includes resources for creators, a high-quality marketplace, in-house collections, helpful artist guides, and more.

A major utility TIEXO seeks to offer is the ability to swap NFTs from chain to chain using Wormhole. Along with this capability, Tiexo is creating a platform that will make NFT creation and trading as simple a process as possible – as well as providing educational content to empower new creators. 

The Artist Toolbox

The Artist Toolbox is an upcoming tool from TIEXO that could revolutionize NFT creation. The Toolbox will allow anyone to create as many NFTs as they want while removing technical barriers to creation. All NFTs created can be immediately listed on the TIEXO marketplace.

The Toolbox will have a variety of features for creators to leverage. Within just minutes, artists can upload their custom artwork and create an NFT model using the sleek dashboard. The Artist’s Toolbox is slated for release in Q1 of 2022.

Flagship Collections

TIEXO is displaying the utility of the Artist Toolbox through their Flagship Collections. Created by 12 contracted artists (known as The Dozen) using the Artist Toolbox, the Collections will explore the capabilities of the Toolbox and populate the TIEXO NFT marketplace.

Cryptonauts Academy


Cryptonauts Academy is the first Flagship Collection from TIEXO, launching this December. The artist, Alexandria, is from Romania. Each NFT helps to build a story, with more chapters to be added to the collection in the future. The designs are space-themed with some unique twists.

Cryptonaut Original Dozen Badge (ODB) holders and NFT minters will receive secondary sale royalties forever. Holders of the badge can receive automatic airdrops to incentivize holding.

When asked about future collections, the project kept their secrets – but emphasized that Cryptonauts is a fully fair-launch collection, meaning anyone can get their hands on the NFTs. There are also 11 more collections following Cryptonauts – stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases!

In the Future

With the approach of the Cryptonauts Collection launch, TIEXO already has major events taking place. However, their future plans are even more extensive:

Tiexo Academy: This tool will use feedback from artists to create an academy for use side-by-side with the Artist’s Toolbox, making the NFT creation process even simpler for newbies.

Tiexo Dashboard: The TIEXO Dashboard public beta test is coming soon (potentially in the next 2 weeks) and will be released same-day as the Cryptonauts Academy Collection. 

NFT Marketplace: When the NFT marketplace releases, there will be a bustling secondary market along with TIEXO-based creations. TIEXO has contacted other Solana projects to sign them up to drop their collections on the platform, creating a more populated market.

Super Giveaway: This mega giveaway will see $120,000 dollars given out to 12 winners, along with 1,500 NFTs – including stackable badges and one super-rare badge per winner. The giveaway will be open to enter until the final collection is dropped, at which point the winners will be drawn. The giveaway can be joined through the TIEXO Discord server.

For more details about TIEXO, visit their social media pages: 




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