Thugbirdz Brings in a Multitude of Updates

Thugbirdz had two problems: they lacked any organization to lead their team and wanted to issue $BREAD without legal ramifications–– what now?

A Complete Turnover for Thugbirdz

Thugbirdz has announced a series of new updates in their ecosystem as they strive to expand.

According to the announcement from March 31, there were previously two issues with Thugbirdz:  there was no structure to lead the big team while being organized. In addition, they wanted to issue the native token $BREAD so that it wouldn’t have any legal ramifications for the project and community. Thugbirdz now has the DAO council to solve the former issue, and soon they’ll have a foundational structure and different heads of committees to organize their roadmap. While for the latter issue, Zebec is incorporating Hatchlabz, the legal entity behind Thugbirdz, to issue tokens as a different entity with no legal ramifications.

“This process took some time to explore by consulting lawyers and different knowledgeable people from inside the Solana community,” Thugbirdz expresses about issuing tokens. “We wanted to make sure we follow every regulation, and we secure everyone.”

Thugbirdz founder, who goes by Slime, communicated that screenshots had been taken to determine who has remained in the NFT holdings for the 30-day lockup and who will receive an early allocation of $BREAD. 


In addition, Slime manages Hatchlabz, who will build Thugbirdz’s infrastructure and support the DAO in every way possible, growing the project as a whole.

As of now, Hatchlabz has funded the DAO wallet with 2000 $SOL, and 50% of royalties will be allocated to it. As per the announcement, Thugbirdz now has over 30 members in more than 10 committees working hard to improve the project since the DAO formation. 

What is Thugbirdz

Thugbirdz is a collection of 3333 NFT that was minted on October 9, 2021, for 1 SOL. The total volume is currently 203212.12, with 209 NFT listed.

The Thugbirdz community is one of the largest, most powerful, and most active in the NFTs space. They are enthralling and welcoming people who have many daily fun activities such as giveaways, airdrops, and rewards. 

The Thugbirdz gang is small and has unique characteristics.  The minting price for the first 1111 was 1 SOL, the mint prize for the second 1111 was 2 SOL, and 3 SOL for the third 1111s.

Where to find Thugbirdz?

Twitter |  Website |  Discord 


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