TheSlowPatrol – Unique Sloth-Based NFT Platform

The platform is designed to both spread awareness to sloth well-being and provide a fun source of passive income for users.

Introducing TheSlowPatrol

TheSlowPatrol is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project based on the Solana blockchain network. The project is made up of 8,888 uniquely generated Sloth NFTs, each drawing from 165 distinctive traits. The collection and its blockchain will also be backed by a native token, which will be used to power the ecosystem.

TheSlowPatrol collection is more than just a typical NFT collection, however. The team has designed a unique breeding system which will give each Sloth the capability to ‘mate’ with each other, producing a baby Sloth with its own set of unique parameters based on the parents!


How the System Works

Starting in November, “Mating Season” will begin. The breeding system is highly complex and intelligent. Each Sloth is assigned a random set of traits, which can then be passed down by breeding. These traits range from strictly visual to ‘behavior traits’, which impact the benefits that each Sloth provides to their owner. The rarity of each attribute is set from: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic. Each Sloth has a total of 8 attributes: 3 from each parent, and 2 randomly selected from the pool of 165 – giving users the chance to gain a mythic attribute on every Sloth they breed.

When the Sloths breed, their offspring is a brand new NFT! This means theoretically there could be an unlimited number of Sloths, although there are a few factors which affect the amount of breeding that takes place. A full description of the intensive process has been published by the team on their Medium blog – readers interested in the project should read through the process to understand exactly how the Mating will work!

Holders of Sloth NFTs will be incentivized by the process. Each Mating process costs 0.05 SOL. Starting from Generation 0 (the original 8,888 Sloths), the royalty process is as follows:

Essentially, royalties from each Sloth will decrease the further from Generation 0 that breeders get. 

Is the System Sustainable?

The Mating system offers a lot of incentives to users, as well as the benefits for NFT owners by way of the royalties incurred from the minting process. Perhaps the largest question to answer is: won’t the unlimited number of potential Sloths cause massive inflation and crater their value? The answer is slightly complicated, but in simple terms – not exactly. 

Each Sloth is assigned a value termed “Naptime”, which influences the amount of time that Sloths lie dormant. During this period, the Sloths will not be able to breed. The length of their naptime increases with each generation using this formula: current-naptime = last-naptime * generation-multiplier. This means that after a few generations, the next available breeding period could be literally thousands of years away, slowing the supply of Sloths.

A Way to Reduce the Supply

You might still be concerned that even with this mechanism, the overall supply could still become too high and cause massive inflation. In order to curb this supply, the team has also created a process known as Fusion. During Fusion, users take three of their Sloths and fuse them together to form an upgraded Sloth. As this is the only way to ensure upgraded attributes (breeding merely passes 3 down from each parent, with the remaining 2 randomly assigned from the pool of 165), users are incentivized to fuse their Sloths – thereby reducing the supply. Each Fusion costs 0.05 SOL.

While this system may require tweaks in the future, the team has already demonstrated their ability to develop complex equations to counteract issues.

Charitable Intent

One of the primary motivations for the project is charity; TheSlowPatrol team has stated their admiration for the SloCo charity, and have promised to make extensive donations to their cause. They plan to have their project work in an interconnected manner with SloCo, much like how nature works to sustain the Earth.

The team is proud to announce that at this time, $50,000 has been officially donated to the foundation.

SloCo (short for Sloth Conservation) is an organization focused on protecting sloths around the world, as well as raising awareness of the adorable mammal in general.

The team will continue to work with the organization past these donations to ensure the safety of our slow-moving friends. 12.5% of all royalties from the breeding process on the platform will be donated to the foundation. The team is holding an AMA on October 18th with the Foundation, so stay tuned to their socials to find out the details for the event.


TheSlowPatrol roadmap has a handful of key new features that have been well-defined by the team.

Donor Marketplace

Only own one Sloth but want to join the Mating Season? With the upcoming Donor Marketplace, users will be able to pay a small fee in order to rent a Sloth for breeding purposes. Users will be able to list their own Sloths on the marketplace and set their rental fee, letting their Sloths earn them extra passive income.

User-Designed Attributes

TheSlowPatrol will hold design competitions where users can submit their own ideas for new attributes, of which the winners will be assigned their own specific category of “Unique”. These will only be obtainable by breeding, making them a highly-sought attribute. Holders of Sloth NFTs will be entitled to one vote per Sloth they hold, and entries are limited to 2 per season for each user.

Winners will have the choice to place the new attribute onto their next-bred Sloth, making the attributes extremely rare (at least initially).

Winning selections will earn their creators royalties on every transaction involving Sloths with those attributes.

Mega-Sloth Evolution

Mega Sloths are based on an extinct variant of sloths that reached tremendous sizes compared to their modern-day relatives. As such, obtaining these will be a bit of a challenge!

In order to evolve your Sloths into Mega SLoths, users will need to get 8 mythic attributes to form a single Mega Sloth. This can be done in a variety of combinations, such as fusing 8 Sloths with one mythic attribute, 4 Sloths with two, and so on.

There will be three different levels of Mega Sloths: common, rare, and mythic. There will be a maximum of 888 Mega Sloths. To learn more about these rare creatures, check out the Medium post.

Concluding Thoughts

NFTs have become a highly saturated market, particularly on Solana which seems remarkably suited to host this form of token. TheSlowPatrol team has recognized this, and their proposal is unique in what it offers to the space. Their breeding system is built to reduce inflation over time, and the team is invested in making the world a better place through their charitable contributions.

To learn more about TheSlowPatrol, visit the following links:




SloCo Foundation


Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. 

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