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Considering the amount of detail that goes into TheSlowPatrol’s Sloth breeding, it’s important to understand the basics before you jump in.

Breeding, Fusion and Evolution

These three mechanisms will be the base of TheSlowPatrol Economy. Each of them is unique and they are contradictory in a way. This is premeditated to build scarcity, utility and create an end goal for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectors. At the same time — the design promotes the rising value of Gen0 NFTs through several benefits mentioned in the following paragraphs. Our Medium blog post of this article goes into more specific details for those who are curious.

Apart from visual attributes, Sloths have three important traits. Those three are the base for our breeding, fusing and evolution mechanisms. Let’s quickly reiterate what is their meaning:

Generation — Value can be between 0 to extremely high values. Each generation of Sloths is a bit more relaxed and takes longer naps between getting things done.

Luck-level — Value can be between 0 and 100. 100 luck level will award Sloth actions with up to 20% boost from their current category.

Nap-time — Value can be between 1 and 5. This is the base, which will be then used in calculations including generations and actions already performed.

All those topics are covered in more detail in sections below (especially in the breeding section).


What breeding means everyone instinctively knows, but what it exactly means in the case of TheSlowPatrol NFTs has a couple of specific implications, which we’ll go over below.

The simplest description is — you will create a new sloth that will inherit some attributes from parents and some will be random.

The mating season will start in November, and breeding will incur a fee of 0.05 SOL.

Inheritance of Visual Attributes

The new sloth will inherit three random visual attributes from the first parent, three random visual attributes from the second parent and the last two visual attributes will be completely random (but will include luck-level).

To give you an example:

The Slow Patrol Breeding System

In the above case the following attributes have been inherited from parent1:

background (yellow)

head (wig)

mouth (pizza)

And from parent2:

hand (flaming sword)

fur (robot)

pole (special for robot)

The last two attributes are:

eyes (plainly random — standard eyes)

shirt (plainly random — default = no shirt)

Non visual attributes are a bit more complex and are described below.


Breeding is very exhausting for Sloths, and your buddy will require some rest after it. In time — Sloths get tired of doing the same things, and therefore each subsequent session will take more time to recover. Each Sloth generation is more relaxed than the previous because this is just how life works.

The formula for this process is found in the Medium post.

Each current-naptime is saved in the Slothy Archives (AKA blockchain) as the last-nap time because naps are the most important things for Sloths. With that in place, Sloths will be more than happy to take longer naps each time they work hard.

The generation multiplier is a way to depict that further generations are more relaxed. The multiplier is fully explained in the Medium post.

Breeding will keep multiplying until the point that it could occur during the next century or further! For example 7,280,548 days means that the next breed for this particular Sloth would happen in about 20,000 years. That’s comparable with the age of the whole human civilization! Luckily, TheSlowPatrol Sloths are eternally saved in the blockchain and you can hand them over to your children so the breeding season never ends.


Whenever you breed two Sloths — their offspring will be from the next generation. The formula can be found in detail in the Medium post.

Generation is crucial for the nap-time calculation and having Sloths of lower generation (especially generation 0) will be most beneficial.

Luck Level

Every single Sloth has a luck level set between 0 and 100. Luck level is inherited from parents, but not exactly. Baby Sloths will have a chance to be really lucky or less so depending on their genetics. Ensuring that both parents are rather lucky will produce very lucky offspring.

Further details can be found in the Medium post.


The Slow Patrol Fusion System

Fusion will guarantee an upgrade on one of the attributes by mixing three of the same attribute types and rarity levels present on each NFT. To be clear — if you have three uncommon hand attributes on three different Sloths, and you fuse them — you will get one Sloth with at least (it is not capped) rare hand attribute. To put some emphasis on this — your three Sloths (from now on called Fusers) will become one and therefore the original three will cease to exist as they were. They will become something more! Fusing will incur a fee of 0.05 SOL.


Naptime will be derived from Fusers, both in the case of the naptime as well as the current-naptime. The system introduces a chance of lowering the last-naptime if the Fusers have big differences between their naps. The detailed formula can be found in the Medium post.


Generations will also be fused from parents. It’s important to note that Sloths cannot move down in generations (closer to generation 0). They can, however, move up in generations (away from generation 0), which means that unorthodox fusing could potentially lower the supply of generation 0. An in-depth explanation can be found in the Medium post.

Luck Level

When a new Sloth is being molded by the powers of the Great Sloth — both random and fused attributes will use the fused luck level. As it is a bit lengthy, the formula can be found in the Medium post.


Once new Sloths emerge — people will be able to list it on secondary markets. How will it work exactly? Let’s start with basics:

95% of the selling amount goes to the seller

Royalties = 5%

Royalty-split = 100% of royalties

Now the more interesting part — who will receive parts of the royalty split?

The Slow Patrol Royalties

We want to keep on supporting The Sloth Conservation Foundation and this is not going to change. They do amazing things for sloths and we’re all about helping them.

Breeders will also receive a part of royalty-split based on the Sloth generation.

This mechanism will bring more value to Gen0 holders while at the same time — it will promote Sloths of further generations to fuse.

Secondary marketplaces

We will build our custom marketplace where we intend to have safeguards against selling napping Sloths. This is the only way to make trading fair. We cannot guarantee that elsewhere because other marketplaces will not understand the notion of napping.

We will discuss listing Gen > 0 Sloths with other marketplaces, but there will be no safeguards possible.

Further development

This is not where our plans end of course, but further development will take some time. This is a rough roadmap of what’s to come. We know you’re anxious to see where this journey takes us — we are as well! But development takes time and therefore these goals will be achieved next year.

Additional utilities

Soon after breeding and fusing is released, we will release additional utilities that will help the community to navigate the exciting world of Sloths.

The first on the list will be a Discord bot that will enable users to

Manage (register and remove) mint addresses from the list of “watched” Sloths

Ask the bot about the status of the “watched” Sloths. The status will include information about basic stats of the Sloth (like generation, when the Sloth will wake up and so on). Additional information will be included if the Sloth can perform actions (meaning — it’s not napping)

We will monitor the situation and develop additional tools once the community asks for them.

The Donor Market

Our next big focus will be the donor market. The goal here is for holders to share their beloved Sloths, so they can breed with others. Holders will be able to set a fee which others will have to pay for breeding with their Sloth. All three Sloths (both parents and the baby) will then follow the same rules as the normal breeding process (generation, naptime, luck-level). We released the teaser for this on YouTube.

This is a big topic and it will have a completely new article about it, as there is a lot to cover here.

Custom Attributes Design

The Slow Patrol Custom Attributes Design

Custom attribute design competitions will be held on an ongoing basis (but with a multiplier similar to naptime, so the duration of each round will get longer as the time passes). At any time artists may create or upload a new attribute to TheSlowPatrol add-attribute area. In order for the winner to be decided, a community vote takes place. Each Gen0 Sloth will be entitled to one vote. An NFT owner is limited to a maximum of two attribute entries per voting season.

Attribute rarity levels consist of common, uncommon, rare, legendary and mythic. When a new attribute is voted into TheSlowPatrol universe however, it will be added to a new rarity level known as “Unique”. Attributes in this rarity class will not be included in the original attribute list meaning there is no chance to obtain this attribute if the parents do not have it. In order to obtain a ‘Unique’ attribute, it MUST be inherited from a Sloth that has it.

The winners of Custom Attribute Design Competitions will have the option to include their winning attribute on their next bred Sloth.

Winning attributes will always yield the creator 100% royalties whenever any sloth containing this custom attribute is traded, FOREVER.


Evolution is introduced as a goal for the community and for each individual. In the past, Sloths were massive creatures the size of elephants that used to live in most parts of Central and South America. Unfortunately, these species were made extinct by humans’ actions. We urge you to read about this topic on Wikipedia — it’s fascinating!

Now it is up to The Slow Patrollers to bring them back into the world and show their greatness!

Mega Sloths could only be obtained by fusing one or more NFTs that have a total of 8 mythic attributes altogether. So, eight NFTs with one of each, or four NFTs with two mythics, and so on.

The Mega Sloths will have three rarity levels, as follows: Common, Rare and Mythic. A new set of attributes will be introduced (a completely new NFT collection) and they will be exclusive to Mega Sloths only.

Mega Sloths will be infertile and the only way to obtain them is through fusion/evolution.

By default, every Mega Sloth will be summoned with common attributes randomly assigned, and from there, the same rules for fusion explained before will apply. However, there will be a maximum of 888 Mega Sloths. This will go up and down even after reaching the limit (because of fusing and evolving), but there will never be more than that.

We are still working on the art for Mega Sloths. There will be a separate document released about the evolution of Sloths.

One thing to note is that we will list Mega Sloths on all possible marketplaces and therefore TheSlowPatrol will have at least two collections: Generation 0 and Mega Sloths.

To learn more about TheSlowPatrol, visit the following links:




Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. 

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