Sypool Co-Founder Coming to Livestream with DeFi Direct

Co-founder, Jackson Wong, will join on Tuesday to speak with Greg of DeFi Direct and discuss all things Sypool.

Sypool Livestream

The DeFi Direct YouTube is going to host the Sypool Co-founder Jackson Wong for a livestream. The stream will open up at 17:00 UTC on November 23 with Greg, Goon Trades, ready to host another cracking edition of the Youtube channel. 

DeFi Direct has done well to invite many great projects for a chance to detail and explain their work. We’re always looking to bring the top projects and protocols from all-around to give our users the new straight from the source.

Don’t forget: Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 17:00 UTC.


Who is Jackson Wong

Along with Jason Chen, Jackson Wong is one of the co-founders of Sypool. The website for the protocol launched in Q2 of 2021 behind the hard work of Wong and Chen. Wong previously founded Quantum Technologies, managing more than $300 million of quantitative funds. From Hong Kong and based in London, Wong confirmed his team has worked in well-known hedge funds and has members who worked at the Chinese Academy of Science.

What is Sypool

Sypool is an asset management protocol on Solana, which enables investors to exchange fund shares with crypto tokens (i.e., BTC, ETH, SOL…). The idea for the protocol emerged from the combination of off-chain fund companies and packaged asset derivatives. Sypool acts like a composite blockchain fund because the fund shares also act as a token. With Sypool, like traditional funds, investors are offered professional financial services that utilize more “blockchain” ways to benefit fund shareholders.

The protocol offers four main products in the early stage: Index-traking SAP (Synthetic Asset Pool), Trader-based SAP, Structured Yield Fund, and Assets-based quantitative trading SAP.  The protocol has partners in Pyth Network, Parrot Protocol, and LIQ Protocol.

Where to find more about Sypool:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord 

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