StepN to Bring Back Double Mint Activity

The double mint activity is back but with the chance of picking up an NFT increased by an astonishing 300%.

Good News for Fitness Freaks

StepN is set to bring back the double mint activity to ensure more incentives for its users.

The Web3 fitness protocol noted in a recent tweet on April 29 that shoe minting would now cost users $GMT, the governance token of StenN. In addition, the chance to receive two pairs of sneaker Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) is increased to 300%. The activity is already underway as of April 29, 14:30 UTC, and will continue for a limited time. The recent move will look to attract more users to the already popular Fitnessfi platform.

STEPN was the winner of the Solana Ignition Hackathon in the Gaming Track last October. StepN launched its public beta last December as the first move-to-earn mobile game. Moreover, the protocol based on Solana also raised $5 million in a seed funding round from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Folius Ventures. Moving forward, StepN has amassed massive interest with its unique way of rewarding users through fitness. Currently, 71 StepN sneaker NFTs are listed on Magic Eden with a floor price of 12.99 SOL. 


Furthermore, StepN recently launched its NFT sneakers with Asics on the Binance platform, which quickly rose to the top of the list. The Binance marketplace currently lists 2649 StepN X Asics sneakers at a floor price of $2375. 

You can learn how to use the StepN app in this article by Crypto Quile from Web3Wire. A significant outage issue, however, has halted the Solana mainnet beta. As a result, StepN has advised its community on the Discord announcement to avoid creating new STEPN wallets, transferring assets between wallets, trading your currency in the in-app, buying from the marketplace, and creating new STEPN addresses until the Solana service is restored.  

What is StepN?‍

StepN is a Solana-based Web3 move-to-earn application that combines fitness and environmental consciousness with fun social elements and a gamification design. The application’s revenue model is to profit from taxes on in-app activities like NFT trading, shoe minting, and rentals.

Find more about StepN here:

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