Star Atlas Releases Important Updates Ahead of Alpha Launch

Galactic Marketplace improves speed; Star Atlas Dao addresses governance.

Enhancing the Star Atlas Ecosystem

***Updated August 5, 2022 with quote from Star Atlas Co-Founder Michael Wagner.***

Star Atlas, a much anticipated and upcoming AAA game on Solana, has released new updates and details on its Galactic Marketplace and Star Atlas DAO. Let’s learn more about them:

Galactic Marketplace 2.0

This new version of the market improves speed and ease of use on PC and mobile devices, as described in a Medium post from July 22. Further, the PlaytoEarn gaming protocol introduced new tools to discover, search, sort, filter, and bookmark items.

“The Galactic Marketplace will become a central hub providing access to different gaming and metaverse experiences and allowing economic activity to flow in and among those experiences,” the Star Atlas team said in the Medium blog.

Some community members are excited about the new version of the marketplace: 

Star Atlas DAO

Star Atlas has launched the initial integration of the Star Atlas DAO governance and locking module. Here are a couple of its attributes:

POLIS Token$POLIS is the utility token to express political rights within Star Atlas metaverse. A fixed supply of 360 million tokens allows players who lock them into the DAO Framework to earn rewards and vote on proposals that affect the Star Atlas metaverse’s political governance. 

Levels of power: A primary goal of the Star Atlas DAO is to create a framework for those who love politics – and even more, the metaverse of Star Atlas — to discuss and vote on proposals for developing and controlling the galaxy’s many institutions.

Learn more about the Star Atlas DAO here.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of the platform that will in the future give users the ability to participate in Star Atlas governance via the DAO. Holders of POLIS will be able to lock their tokens from two weeks up to five years, which entitles them to voting power on public proposals. This voting-escrow model favors community members with long-term conviction in the Star Atlas vision, and signals the ATMTA team’s confidence in our ability to deliver a fun game as well as a framework for developers and content creators to build in the metaverse,” Star Atlas Co-Founder Michael Wagner told Web3Wire.

“The vision for Star Atlas is a DAO of DAOs, operating at these various levels of the game, utilizing a variety of on-chain tools to manage in-game assets and treasuries, coordinating activities using the blockchain’s trustless and decentralized nature. We are committed to building these tools and delivering them to our community over the next months and years,” he said.


What Is Star Atlas:

Star Atlas is a space-themed, blockchain-based grand strategy video game built on the Solana blockchain. It is a massive multiplayer metaverse set in the year 2,620 in the distant future.

The gaming platform investigates some of the most recent technological advances by utilizing Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite to create cinematic quality video games and visual experiences.

Players in the Star Atlas metaverse can trade, obtain, and create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the Star Atlas universe, allowing them to participate in an economy that reflects the tangibility, ownership, and value of real-world assets.

Learn more about Star Atlas:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Discord

Source : web3wire

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