Star Atlas Minigame SCORE Hits Milestone

Total value locked due to the staking mini game of the Solana GameFi project has surpassed 100 Million US Dollars.

Explorers Setting Forth On Expeditions

Star Atlas, a popular GameFi project on Solana blockchain, has achieved a major milestone for their staking minigame, SCORE.

The team has locked a total value of over 100M US Dollars as players stake their ships in the first minigame that Star Atlas has released for their project. The team took to twitter on December 28 to provide an update on the statistics that this staking program has achieved.

“Total fleets deployed: 63,204, Total Value Locked: $ 100,358,841, MUD TVL: $37,935,981, ONI TVL: $32,195,833, USTUR TVL: $30,227,027 #JoinTheFleet & earn $ATLAS!” Star Atlas reported through a tweet.


With a unique storyline in staking their NFT assets, the Star Atlas team has managed to lock a total of 63,204 NFT ships from their community and distributed $ATLAS, their native token, along the way. Ships belonging to the MUD faction lead the staking program by locking in ships with a total value of over 37 Million US Dollars. The ONI faction is second at a little bit over 32M, while USTUR isn’t far behind at 30M.

SCORE – Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions

Star Atlas crossed a box out on their roadmap with the release of SCORE last December 16. SCORE or Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions allows players to send their ships on expeditions to earn $ATLAS tokens. Players just need to supply the ship’s food, fuel, and ammo, all of  which will be made available on the marketplace, so that the ship and its crew can continue on their expedition. This guide by one of Star Atlas’ guilds, Aephia Industries, talks more in depth about SCORE.

Source: Solana News

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