Star Atlas Holds Community Town Hall on their Discord Server

Star Atlas Chief Executive Officer updates the community on developments of the metaverse of the highly anticipated game on Solana.

Gathering of Space Explorers

Star Atlas, a highly anticipated project built on the Solana blockchain, held a community town hall on their discord last Friday, November 12 at around 8PM UTC.

The town hall started with the heads of a few guilds introducing themselves to the community, promoting their causes in the hopes of recruiting new space travelers. 

Pablio Quiroga began with the updates by sharing that Star Atlas was mentioned in Business Insider and Bloomberg, the latter being a mention of a guild purchase amounting to $3M of in-game assets. He then shared that the team has been doing some local interviews in various countries like India, Brazil, Turkey, Columbia, Mexico, and other countries. He then gave the floor to Michael Wagner who thanked the community before giving his updates.

“I just want to take a moment to step back and really thank the community. You guys all continued to be a driving force and motivator behind everything that we’re doing in Star Atlas. This product that we’re building is for you.It is our vision. It is our ethos that we will decentralize this over time and convert this product into a public utility with which you all will have the ability to directly influence, impact, create around, and build within. Thank you all for the continued support“ said Wagner before sharing the rest of his updates.


Wagner mentioned a scripting bug fix to the addition of their Atlas Pairs to the Galactic Asset Offering. He announced User Interface improvements to the marketplace and their website that adds additional depth to the image galleries of their ship NFTs as well as more information regarding price history so players can make more informative purchases. 

He then teased their Showroom feature, projected to be released in Q1 of 2022, that allows players to see their life sized ship assets. From an economics perspective, the team has completed the initial mechanics of the Star Atlas Dao, which includes staking and their governance platform. Prior to opening the floor to questions, Wagner mentioned that they are in a period of high growth as a team. They are aiming to have around 400 to 500 people by this time next year and are currently sitting at around 175 headcount.

What is Star Atlas? 

Star Atlas is a virtual metaverse game set in 2620. Players become citizens of one of three factions struggling over limited resources and territories. Players can purchase ships that can take them into different areas of the universe and help them excel in their chosen role. It is a grand strategy game that involves exploration, role-playing, and flight simulation. As of writing, the game is still being developed. Get to know more about the game here.

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