Solana Works on Upgrades as User Growth and Adoption Increases

Solana concentrates on network upgrades with three major changes that will improve its stability.

Prioritizing Congestion Issues

Solana is updating its community as it works on mitigation plans to make network congestion a thing of the past. 

Three new developments are targeted at improving the Solana network’s resilience and stability.

First, QUIC is a general-purpose protocol meant to discourage and mitigate abusive behavior and is used by Chrome web browsers when connecting to Google’s servers. Solana currently uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which lacks flow control and receipt acknowledgment. 

Source: QUIC introduces separate streams to ensure that a ‘dropped transaction’ does not affect the remaining ones. 

Second, the introduction of Stake Weighted Quality of Service (QoS) that works with QUIC. Validators will be able to prioritize and limit the traffic for specific connections. Queuing transactions will be prioritized depending on the sender, which is weighted by the amount of $SOL staked. 

Finally, the introduction of a priority fee to help the network prioritize time-sensitive transactions. This move also disincentivizes invalid or duplicated messages sent by algorithms which can become unprofitable because of the increased costs. 

Source : web3wire

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