Solana News to Host Official Credix Livestream

Credix, a DeFi 2.0 credit marketplace on Solana, will join Solana News in a Youtube live discussion on DeFi Direct.

Exclusive Livestream for Solana News

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive Livestream with executives from Credix. For this iteration of the Solana News Livestream, we’re hosting the credit marketplace, Credix, for a live AMA discussion at 17:00 UTC on 2nd December on the DeFi Direct Youtube channel.

We will discuss a variety of topics, including the rapidly expanding utility of the Solana blockchain network and how Credix fits into the utility of the network to provide its users with innovative DeFi solutions based on synthetic assets.

About Thomas Bohner

Thomas Bohner is the Founder and CEO of Credix. He has spent his career designing and delivering complex financial services solutions across capital markets and banking. He prides himself on growing IntellectEU, a blockchain & crypto practice with over 60 full-time employees and a revenue of over $10 million. He has an MSc. in Economics with a specialization in Finance from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

About Chaim Finizola

Chaim is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer (CGO) of Credix alongside Bohner and Maxim Piessen (CTO). The trio has worked together at a blockchain and crypto software company for four years, growing the international team to over 80 engineers and delivering over 30 blockchain products in the capital market space, working together with the likes of London Stock Exchange Group, DTCC, and Santander. Prior to that, Chaim supported the launch of the first regulated initial coin offering (ICO) in Belgium. Chaim has completed an MSc. in Business Administration and wrote his thesis on blockchain interoperability at the University of Antwerp.

Source: Credix Gitbook

What is Credix

Credix is a decentralized finance (DeFi) 2.0 credit marketplace that is built on the Solana blockchain network. The marketplace connects both institutional and retail investors with credit financial technology firms in emerging markets. Essentially, the platform bridges DeFi with centralized finance (CeFi), i.e., real-world assets, providing investors a stable yield without exposure to the volatility inherent to cryptocurrencies. Currently, Credix works with more than ten credit fintech firms and is accessible for accredited investors. It will be launched for retail investors in Q1 2022. The platform is highly focused on the Latin American markets to capitalize on the size of the market, the extreme lending interest rate, and the team’s expertise in the markets.

Find more about the Credix here:

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