Raydium Dropzone to Launch Playground’s Waves NFT Collection

Playground’s waves NFT collection is set to drop on the Dropzone on Sep. 25.

Launch of Playground’s first NFT drop

Raydium’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) dropzone will launch the ‘Waves’ NFT collection by Playground, a new experiential platform that focuses on art stored “immutably” on the Solana blockchain.

Waves is a collection of generative artwork which takes inspiration from the charted fluidity of the cryptocurrency markets according to the Medium article by Raydium on Sep. 18.  Each Wave NFT generated will have 9 distinctive traits, namely, the number of colors, width, thickness, speed, jitter, hue, saturation, brightness, and alpha.

“Waves is a collection of one thousand uniquely generated artworks created using p5.js, embodying the full spectrum of emotions across the market cycles,” said Chris McCann, one of the creators of the Playground platform in a substack post.

This NFT collection is being launched on the Raydium NFT dropzone on September 15th via a lottery system. The Raydium Dropzone is started with the objective to promote the growth of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It will be the launchpad of NFT collections on Solana that want to raise capital, conveniently distribute tokens, and build their community.

Raydium to Bring NFT Growth to Solana


As the DeFi markets continue to grow on the Solana blockchain, launches of NFT collections such as these would push the proliferation of NFTs on the network at a rapid pace, similar to that seen on the Ethereum blockchain network.

According to data from Solanalysis, the market capitalization of NFT collection on Solana is at $461.72 million. Out of which, just over $191 million i.e. over 41%, comes from the Degenerate Ape Academy and Solana Monkey Business. The other popular collections are Aurory, Solarians, Frakt, and thugbirdz.

Since the Waves collection from the Playground is being launched on the Raydium Dropzone, it will have the leverage of the AMM protocol’s larger user base. The Dropzone aids NFT projects to accelerate and simplify the drop process.

About Playground

Playground is an experiential platform that focuses on NFT artwork stored immutably on the Solana Blockchain. The collection includes charts and technical patterns like Bollinger bands, wave theory, and moon wave charts. 

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Source : solana.news

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