Phantasia Sports Coming to DeFi Direct Livestream

One of the core developers of Phantasia Sports drops by the DeFi Direct YouTube channel.

Phantasia Lines Up for DeFi Direct

The DeFi Direct livestream is limbering up for the arrival of Phantasia Sports. The guest for this bout will be Core-Contributors and Developers of Phantasia Sports, Dan. The livestream will go live on January 6 at 17:00 UTC. 

Phantasia is a first-of-its-kind platform blitzing the fantasy sports world to bring the highest quality experience. Stay tuned to hear all about how Phantasia can upset the fantasy sports world!


Who is Dan

The guest taking questions from the perennial home team host Greg, GoonTrades, will be Dan, one of the Core-Contributors and Developers of the Phantasia Sports team. Dan has been around cryptocurrency since 2014 and has been a software engineer for more than a decade. Phantasia emerged from a common goal as a fantasy sports enthusiast to improve the user experience of fantasy sports.

What is Phantasia Sports

Phantasia is the first of its kind play-to-earn Fantasy Sports platform built on the Solana Blockchain. The platform’s goal is to provide users with an immersive all-in-one fantasy sports universe for a variety of sports, including American Football, football, basketball, and cricket. Through Phantasia’s Play to Earn Model, users can earn $FANT token by winning contests and completing in-game quests. The application allows users to play their favorite fantasy sports games while betting against their friends. 

Source: Solana News

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