Okay Bears to Airdrop NFTs That Can Be Redeemed for Physical Gold

Popular Solana NFT collection Okay Bears is holding its first airdrop of NFTs that can be exchanged for real gold.

Gold Bears

Okay Bears has just announced its first airdrop to the community, giving away 10,000 Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) that can be redeemed for physical gold or cash equivalent

Each “Founders Coin” features a unique combination of hand-drawn attributes inspired by the original Okay Bears collection, and has a corresponding gold value.

Here are more details:

Each NFT Founders Coin will be randomly attached with a gold weight ranging from 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, and 10 grams.

Currently the value of a gram of gold is $56.50.

Owners can redeem NFT into real physical gold in Q4 2022. The minimum weight to receive physical gold is 10g. If a holder owns NFTs weighing less than 10g, then they can redeem the NFT for the equivalent value in $SOL or $USDC.

Founders Coins that are redeemed for gold will be burned.

There is a 5% royalty on the air drop. Royalties on Founders Coin sales within the first eight weeks will be donated to the Okay Cares fund. After that, the community can vote on how the funds are used for charities.

Cautioning against possible scams, the Okay Bears team said the Founders Coins will be delivered directly to holders’ wallets. For more information about the Founders Coin, visit here.

What Is Okay Bears:

Okay Bears is an NFT project built on the Solana blockchain platform, consisting of 10,000 NFTs, with avatars of bears with unique characteristics. Okay Bears offers owners exciting benefits that have built a thriving and supportive community.

Where to find Okay Bears:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

Source : web3wire

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