Nyan Heroes Unveils Trailer Ahead of IDO

The project´s art and animation team created the trailer in Unreal Engine 5 using in-house assets.

Trailer Reveal: A GameFi Battle for Nekovia

Nyan Heroes, the PlayAndEarn Battle Royale, released the cinematic trailer in anticipation of the upcoming $NYN token Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

The team unveiled the long-awaited trailer on April 21 via Twitter and Youtube. Even though the video is not a gameplay trailer, it offers a cinematic glimpse of some of the game mechanics being built into the third-person shooter. The trailer was created in Unreal Engine 5 and features three Nyan cats piloting their Guardian Mechs and battling against Starlight Corp in the post-cataclysmic metaverse of Nekovia. 

“The first battle royale shooter built on the blockchain by AAA developers. Deadly mechs piloted by cats. $NYN public sale in May 2022. Join the Nyan Heroes,” presents the trailer

The GameFi space has been waiting for the involvement of AAA developers and the hope is that premium game design can help propel the space forward.

The trailer will bring more awareness to the project as we get closer to the $NYN IDO in May. $NYN is the fixed-supply governance token behind the entire project. According to the game´s docs, the public sale entails 5% of the total token supply. 


Nyan Heroes is already one of the most anticipated games on Solana. Many crypto influencers, such as Lark DavisBoredElonMuskMatt Steffanina and Brycent, and other Solana-based projects, including Magic Eden, left only positive remarks about the trailer on Twitter. 

Finally, regarding the game release, the alpha is set to be launched in Q4 2022.

What is Nyan Heroes:

Nyan Heroes is a PlayAndEarn NFT-based game built on Solana. In the game, players will be able to collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots as NFTs. These heroes can then be used to battle other players in a shooter-style action game. The project features a dual token system. $NYN is the governance token, has a fixed supply, and will IDO in May 2022. The second token is $CTNP, an in-game utility token with no cap. 

Find more about Nyan Heroes here:

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