Nyan Heroes Release NFT Staking Feature

Over 4000 Nyans staked within 24 hours since the feature got released.

Nyan Expedition to Tundra

Feline controlled mech robot game, Nyan Heroes, has released their NFT staking feature allowing players to farm $CTNP

Mission briefing – an expedition is open to brave Nyans who are willing to explore the cold wilderness of Tundra for 30 days. Their prize is an equally rewarding supply of Catnip ($CTNP), the in-game utility token of the Solana-based play to earn game, Nyan Heroes. NFT staking for the project went live on December 8 UTC, and the official Twitter account of Nyan Heroes announced their expedition report after twenty-four hours.

“Here’s a 24-hour statistics report on our Staking Expeditions! Your Nyans are hard at work, embarking on treacherous adventures and earning $CTNP for you! Over 4,035 Nyans are exploring the cold tundra for 30 days,” Nyan Heroes tweeted.


Catnip is the in-game utility token of the Nyan Heroes metaverse. It’s use in the metaverse is to level up the gears and parts of your robots, create consumables from raw materials, and will be used to purchase cosmetic skins in the game. It will also be needed to mint new NFTs, characters, and items in the future.

Nyan Heroes Staking Details

In order to send your Nyans on an expedition, you must first connect your wallet to their website before selecting the Genesis Nyan you want to embark on this journey. Next, select the time period of how long you want to stake your Nyan. 

There are three choices with different reward multipliers available. The forest expedition is good for seven days with a x1 multiplier. The dessert expedition is a 14-day journey with a x1.2 multiplier. Finally, the Tundra expedition is a 30-day adventure with a x1.5 multiplier. 

If you change your mind, you can cancel the expedition at any time, but you won’t get any catnip rewards. The rarity of your genesis Nyan also affects how much Catnip your Nyans can get from the expeditions. 

Check out their Medium post for more details of their staking program.

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Source: solana.news https://www.solana.news/post/nyan-heroes-release-nft-staking-feature

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