Nyan Heroes Co-Founder Addresses Community

A lot of eyes are waiting for the release of the cinematic trailer for the PlayAndEarn GameFi project on Solana.

P2E GameFi Trailer Coming?

Nyan Heroes Co-Founder, Max Fu, recently released a Medium post talking directly to the blockchain gaming project’s community. 

In a tweet on April 12, the Nyan Heroes team released Max’s address to the community. Max talked about updates regarding the team, the cinematic trailer, and the tokenomics for the feline-piloted robot game.

“It’s been some time since my last direct announcement, although for me it feels like time has flown by so quickly! I see a lot of new faces here and also many familiar ones too,” Max said in his announcement. “You’ve asked us to share more leaks and more insights in the game design process. You’ve requested more information regarding our tokenomics and how our in-game economy will be designed. You wanted to hear from the team more often.”


What was once a team of twenty has now doubled in size since December 2021. The new members are bringing in experience from big named companies, like EA, Ubisoft, and Pixar. Meanwhile, the team has set a date of April 20 for the release of their cinematic trailer, something that the whole company hopes to be the benchmark for the kind of gameplay the team hopes to achieve.

“We have been working hard the past few months to deliver an exciting in-game cinematic trailer,” Joshua Avila, Nyan Heroes Social Media Manager, told Web3Wire. “Made using the Unreal 5 engine, we use assets from our actual game to showcase a snapshot of what Nyan Heroes will be like to play. We’re so happy to finally share it with our community.”

From a tokenomics standpoint, the team recently released the details of their tokenomics and will work on updating their whitepaper to reflect these new developments. The protocol will utilize a two token economy with a capped governance token, $NYN, and an unlimited utility token, $CTNP. More details about the IDO and go-live date will be given in the future.

Check out Max Fu’s full announcement on their medium post for more details.

What Is Nyan Heroes:

Nyan Heroes is a PlayAndEarn NFT based game that is built on the Solana blockchain network as a part of the growing metaverse. In the game, players will be able to collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots as NFTs. These heroes can then be used to battle other players in a shooter-style action game.  The main cryptocurrency behind Nyan Heroes will be $NYN. The token will provide a multifunctional governance token allocated during private and public sales, with specific proportions set out for the core team, staking rewards, and community treasury.

Find more about Nyan Heroes here:

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