NFT Properties Proving Popular, as Floor Price Continues to Hold Steady for SolSteads

We spoke to the team behind Solsteads and considered some upcoming property NFT releases.

Floor Price Holds SolSteady

Property Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) appear to have caught the attention of collectors, with beautiful artwork and the potential for additional features, many have been impressed. 

Solana News spoke to the talented artist behind Solsteads to learn a little regarding the inspiration behind the project and the long-term goals. 

“In the long term, we want to focus on the two pieces that make this project unique: the community coming from a sense of geography and neighborhood, and the gallery that brings all Solana NFTs together,” the artist who wanted to remain anonymous explained. “What that looks like in the immediate future is additional features to the gallery that allow for customization, as well as creating Neighbor DAO: an exclusive community for Solstead holders!”


This ‘Neighbor DAO’ is certainly an indication of the communal effect the team hopes to build. The sleek webpage already contains an elaborate directory of addresses and a geography of the beautiful NFTs. The virtual map gives a near tangible entrance into the playful world.

The NFT project has been hugely popular, with its floor price confidently sitting above 46 SOL at the time of writing and regular sales above 100 SOL taking place daily. This is especially impressive when you consider the fact the NFTs were minted at 0.25 SOL.


The metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation in crypto circles of late, and the elaborate and geographical setup of Solsteads is likely to make others think of the inherent possibilities.

“The idea of Solsteads began as the question: how can we create a sense of place in the metaverse?” the team explained to Solana News exclusively, “We hoped it would resonate because it not only stands out from other projects that tend to be profile pictures, it works alongside them by providing a “home” to display other NFTs.”

Other Projects Brewing 

Alongside the success of Solsteads, other property NFTs like NeoNexus are awaiting launch. The metaverse is an encouraging complex of ideas that is drawing innovators and innovations, and NeoNexus appears to be another example. 

NeoNexus describes itself as a futuristic, cyberpunk city that is alive in the metaverse. With its official minting due to take place October 9th, 3AM UTC, excitement has been building.

Users will have the opportunity to own property, take part in gameplay and also help build. The drop itself is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated city buildings presided over by one exclusive Governor’s Mansion. The initial drop will see the release of 2,000 buildings. 

Here at Solana News we are constantly researching the potential behind several NFT projects, and it appears as though ‘property NFTs’ are enjoying an important moment of attention. 

We’ll be following closely to see if any other comparable projects can rival Solsteads and whether Solsteads can continue its encouraging market performance.

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