mtnPay Integrates Solana Pay to Degen Ape Academy Beer Market

mtnPay is building the payment infrastructure for Solana and has some exciting things lined up.

mtnPay x mtnAPI x mtnMint x mtnFrens

After winning at the Riptide Hackathon, mtnPay continues its path toward integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into everyday payments.

The platform started centered around an app that allows Square merchants to add Solana Pay as a payment option. It quickly found success and was implemented across the U.S. – in DogeBeans Coffee in Louisville, and Atlas Cafe in San Francisco. 

Dogebeans accepts SolanaPay using mtnPay and the merchant portal

But mtnPay wants to take commerce a step further. Through their APIs (software that allows two different programs to talk) they’re powering NFT drops and discounts. To illustrate, customers buying at the Atlas Cafe received free NFTs that could then be used to obtain discounts the next time they’d purchase coffee.

Web3Wire reached out to Greg Gotsis, part of mtnPay’s core team, to learn more about mtnAPI – the infrastructure built by mtnPay that devs can use to interact with Solana Pay in many ways. 

“mtnPay powers a Solana API that composes protocols for commerce transactions. We see value in creating a standardized way to bridge web2 and on-chain commerce,” said Greg. “APIs offer an easy way for traditional tech to interface with the blockchain. Our goal is to provide web2 merchants and payment aggregators with simple Solana commerce experiences.”

In the end, this transition towards being an API-oriented startup tackles an important friction point in crypto. It simplifies day-to-day crypto transactions by giving other projects the right tools to easily build their own complex transactions and access a broad set of new use cases.

Degenerate Ape Academy—the well-established NFT brand on Solana—is the latest project to leverage these tools. Degen holders can buy Ape-branded beer via mtnPay.

Looking forward, mtnPay plans to keep expanding its payment suite and build an ecosystem around the mtn brand.

“We have a lot coming up. We are wrapping up a ‘Pay w/ Solana Button’ reference implementation. It’s a drop-in UI powered by mtnAPIs ‘pay’ endpoint,” explained Greg. “Our latest API endpoint, mtnMint, enables projects to create a ‘headless’ NFT minting experience – via a QR code or link on mobile devices. We will be dropping and utilizing our mtnMint API endpoint to launch mtnFrens.”

The platform is following a similar path to other successful projects in crypto. Many start with a novel product, expand its capabilities to make it composable with other protocols and end up building an entire ecosystem around the brand.

Source: mtnFrens

Web3Wire News will be following mtnPay’s journey toward onboarding everyday folks to the wonders of crypto and blockchain. 

What is mtnPay:

mtnPay (pronounced “Mountain-Pay”) leverages Solana Pay and Square POS services. It uses Solana’s high-speed and low-fee environment to create a decentralized payment infrastructure. 

For merchants, it focuses on delivering more point-of-sale integrations and a more robust user experience. For the Solana dev community, it’s building a framework to enable all aspects of commerce to take place on-chain.

Find out more here:

Website | Twitter

What is Solana Pay:

Solana Pay is an open protocol for developers with standardized payment specifications to build on and customize, meaning merchants can connect directly or use software built by e-commerce providers, point-of-sale software makers, or payments companies.

Find out more here:‍

Website (For Merchants) | Website (For Devs)

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